Friday, May 18, 2012

Catch Up On THE BAY & Read Charles Shaughnessy's Thoughts On His Emotional Scenes

The past two episodes of THE BAY have brought us a lot of new information about Fiona Hutchison's sexy new character, The Mystery Woman. Elsewhere, the aftermath of the explosion rocks the world of several people in Bay City. Catch up below on the conclusion of Chapter 8 and read Charles Shaughnessy's thoughts on his emotional scenes as Elliot learns some devastating news.



We Love Soaps spoke on Friday with THE BAY star Charles Shaughnessy about his role as Capt. Elliot Sanders. Read an except of Kevin Mulcahy Jr.'s interview below:

WE LOVE SOAPS TV: So many DAYS fans also watch THE BAY. In the most recent episode, you have some very intense scenes, and we see a version of Charles Shaughnessy we didn't really get to see in THE NANNY or DAYS. Tell us about how you got to that emotional space?
Charles Shaughnessy: The difficulty with something like THE BAY is that there's no set-up, really. It's so much easier when you have story unfolding and you're so lost in the character, it becomes organic.

With THE BAY, and that scene in particular, you jump right in rather out of the blue. So there was a certain amount of trying to block everything else out, every distraction out, and going to a place of being just completely shattered.

What would it do to someone to have it come out of the blue like that? Where his defenses are down? He's used to tragedy; and people being murdered, but. . .

WE LOVE SOAPS TV: But it's different when it's your daughter.
Charles Shaughnessy: Yeah, when it's your daughter, it's, you know, it's very tough. It's a tough place to go. And a tough scene to do.

Shaughnessy also recently returned to DAYS OF OUR LIVES and the role of Shane Donovan. Look for our complete interview with the fan fave soon where he talks more about THE BAY and what it's like being back at DAYS.


  1. Oh, break my heart, that was so sad! Charles had me wiping tears! As usual, can't wait for next week!

  2. Charles did an outstanding performance in those scenes...Bravo Charles...Bravo!

  3. Outstanding episode! Charles Shaughnessy really delivered in spades. Definitely needed tissues watching this one. Wondering how Peter will get out of his current dilemma. Love how Lex is worried about Sara. Can't wait for next week's episode!

  4. Charlie was absolutely brilliant. I was in tears, he made it seem so real. Gregori Martin is so inspiring with his ability to produce a web soap that surpasses anything daytime has to offer. Wise decision on all the actors he has brought to The Bay

  5. That was great dramatic scene! He was wonderful just like when he did "My Fair Lady"! It was so believable, i almost cried. You go Charlie!

  6. Heartbreaking, he made the grief real.

  7. Another great webisode. Charles had me in tears. I can't wait for next week oh and to see how Sara reacts to the news. Is she ever gonna find out???

  8. It was an incredible scene, So sad!!

  9. It was an incredible scene, So sad!!