Monday, May 28, 2012

SOAPnet To Air 4-Episode VERONICA MARS Father's Day Marathon June 17

SOAPnet celebrates Father’s Day with "A Veronica Mars Marathon: Who's Your Daddy?" on Sunday, June 17 from 3 p.m. – 7 p.m. The 4 hour marathon revolves around whether or not Keith Mars is Veronica’s biological father.

VERONICA MARS has always had a close bond with her father, Keith, but it was cemented even further after her mother ran out on them. After losing his job as sheriff, he opened up the Mars Detective Agency, often involving Veronica on his cases. But a tip from a criminal leads Veronica to the biggest mystery of all: Whether or not Keith is her biological father.

Check out a list of episodes below:

3 p.m. – Episode #VM2005-08 – "Like a Virgin" – Veronica gets more information than she’s looking for when she visits Lilly’s killer in jail and he tells her that Keith isn’t her biological father.

4 p.m. – Episode #VM2005-09 – "Drinking the Kool-Aid" – Veronica tricks Keith into unknowingly taking a paternity test; Keith proves to Veronica that he’s her father in all the ways that truly count.

5 p.m. – Episode #VM2005-19 –"Hot Dogs" – Keith secretly gets samples and runs a DNA test on Veronica.

6 p.m. – Episode #VM2005-22 – "Leave it to Beaver" – Keith gets the results of the DNA test back and tells Veronica who her father really is. Meanwhile, when a desperate Aaron attacks Veronica, Keith will do anything to save her.

The series stars Kristen Bell (House of Lies), Enrico Colantoni ("Person of Interest"), Teddy Dunn ("The Manchurian Candidate"), Jason Dohring ("Ringer") and Francis Capra ("SLC Punk!"). Produced by Joel Silver and Rob Thomas.

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