Tuesday, May 22, 2012

SMASH Season 2 Scoop: Three Characters Out, New Ones On The Way

SMASH is returning to NBC for a second season in early 2013 but not all the characters will be back. The show is writing out devious (and annoying) assistant Ellis played by Jaime Cepero. Also exiting is Dev played by Raza Jaffrey. Dev cheated on Karen (Katherine McPhee) with Ivy (Megan Hilty) near the end of last season and apparently they will not be reuniting. Finally, Brian D’Arcy James is out as Frank.

According to EW.com, it's possible one or both actors could appear in an episode or two to wrap up their storylines, but that’s it. The plan is to have neither character as a recurring presence in the show’s new-and-improved second season.

TVLine.com also reports the show is looking to cast three new characters:

* Courtney, an African-American chorus member in her mid- to late-20s who packs a powerhouse voice. She is described as “incredibly attractive and confident, but also open-minded and non-judgmental.”

* Danny, a straight, working class fella in his mid-20s and from Brooklyn. He is summed up as “sexy, charismatic and musically gifted, but also self-destructive and remote.”

* Joe, a Brooklyn-born gent who is in his early to mid-20s and is “gay, very cute, incredibly open and optimistic.”

Josh Safran (GOSSIP GIRL) is taking over as showrunner for Season 2.


  1. Won't miss Ellis - but Dev is yummy. Sad.

  2. When I first heard about SMASH, I imagined that Naturi Naughton would've made an excellent fit for this show, rather than the ill fated Playboy Club but as a lead character, not as a chorus girl! Perhaps because of the toothless FAME remake that she unfortunately was in, perhaps she was eager to step away from all things musical theater so as to show some versatility (I guess). In any case, the Marilyn Monroe thing wouldn't suit her anyway. Honestly, it's kind of taken me out of this story too and I'm a theater person (lol).

  3. I'll miss Dev, too. He is a cutie-patootie!

    Brian :-)

  4. Sad for both actors ii was thinking Ellis character with his cut throat ambition was going to get his wish of being a director lol.
    Dev cute and will miss him maybe ivy real love interest later in the show as it looks back at the start of Marilyn project and great #1 Bway longest running show