Tuesday, May 15, 2012

DAYTIME DIATRIBE: The Best and The Worst of Tuesday's Y&R, B&B, DAYS

Tuesday's daytime soap operas held my attention slightly more than on Monday. Below are my observations and grades for the day.

Billy doesn't seem very sympathetic to Ashley's plight while talking with Victoria.  Nikki stops in to complain to her daughter about Victor.  Victoria doesn't think Victor's relationship with Sharon could be serious.  It's too ridiculous.  Has she been watching the show lately?  Victoria then says if the show was canceled world was ending Victor and Nikki would end up together.

Before the first commercial Victor told Katherine he was seeing Sharon again.  Her reply, "Victor, what in the hell are you doing?"  This is already better than anything that happened on Monday's episode.  Katherine tries to tell Victor his love story with Nikki isn't over but no one has told her Maria Bell is still writing the show.

Victor shows up and starts a nasty banter with Nikki.  Victoria calls them childish.  She says she's not going to throw a tizzy fit about it and then, of course, has a tizzy fit.  Victor asks to hold the baby which calms his daughter down.  Victor assures Victoria that love never dies. 

Manic Abby tells Devon that Tucker slept with Harmony.  Meanwhile, Neil runs into Harmony and reveals he let Sofia know he had feelings for her.  She calls  him a "damned fool" and herself a "homewrecking slut" which pretty much sums it up.  Actually it sums up the whole show lately.  Harmony then reveals her slept with Tucker and Neil instantly feels for Ashley, probably thinking they could have been together and this whole messy storyline could have been avoided.

Neil talks to Katherine about Harmony and he's much more worried about her state of mind than his wife's.   Later Katherine asks for Nikki's advice about Harmony.  They decide to reach out to Harmony together.

Devon goes to see Tucker and calls him a "lowlife skeeze" (skank and sleeze).  People are speaking the truth today!  Harmony shows up, invited by Devon.  Devon tells them both off and Tucker says it's not Harmony's fault.  She was just trying to help him out.  Uh huh.  He barely even remembers it.  Devon tells him he's so much respect for them he may never believe another word they say then storms out.  Harmony is distraught and breaks down just as Ashley walks in.

Billy is more sympathetic when he visits Ashley.  This week he's playing therapist to his siblings.  How does he have a more stable life than Jack and Ashley?  Billy goes home and tells Victoria he can now own up to more of his responsibility for his actions with Chelsea not realizing Victor was still there.

Grade for the Day: B-


Liam tells Brooke to butt out of his love life.  Has he never met Brooke? Stephanie assures Steffy things will all work out.  Am I still watching Monday's episode?

Rick sees Hope and she laughs at the lipstick on his lips which he didn't know was there. He shares that something about him turns Caroline off. 

Caroline is talking to Amber who continues her mind game convincing Caroline that Rick is a cross dresser.  Caroline assures her she's not a prude.  Caroline may have secrets of her own.   Caroline seems more upset that Rick didn't tell her than the fact that he's a cross dresser which actually makes me like her a whole lot more.  Amber tries to talk up Thomas to Caroline which seems to work for a second.   But there's something about Rick that gets under her skin.

At Rick's request Hope goes to Caroline to find out what her problem with him is.  Caroline asks her if she knew Rick liked to wear women's clothing.  Hope's reaction is great. 

Liam tells Brooke he wants his marriage to end respectfully in a divorce.   Brooke accuses him of abandoning Hope but Liam fights back.   Liam is still worried about how Hope will handle pressure situations in the future (Bill has done a number on his brain).  Brooke gives her usual "it was a mistake" speech except it's about Hope instead of her.  Brooke tells him the lesson to be learned is how you deal with challenges is the most important thing.  Liam says he doesn't want to have to wonder if Hope is on drugs.  He's talking like a man who doesn't love her as much as he says.  He then reveals that he hasn't told Hope her tore up the annulment papers. Brooke continues the hard sell of Hope.  At this point I think even I'm convinced to marry her.

Amber instant messages Rick to look behind him and she's lying on the couch ready and willing to "help" him.  They kiss.  Rick tries to resist.  They kiss again.

It was mostly the same characters as Monday but this episode was much more enjoyable.

Grade for the Day: B


Gabi tells Will he's overreacting when he tries to help her with her stalker situation.   He wonders how you can overreact to a stalker.

Sami is so impressed that Lucas is willing to go to jail for Will that she begins to kiss him.  He then tells her there's something else he hasn't told her: EJ was using the information about what Will did to blackmail him.  Sami is furious he was "lying his head off."  Lucas tells her he wishes he hadn't told her.  Will shows up and gives Sami attitude as usual.

While Sami lectures Will telling him how noble she actually is, Will wonders if he should reveal his sexual orientation to her.   Finally he's had enough and blurts out, "I'M GAY!" 

Chad and Melanie run into Maggie who reveals she has bought the spa.   Melanie wonders when she had time to do that.  Suzanne Rogers Maggie has had a lot of free days lately.  Maggie tells Chad he has to be properly vetted if he's going to spend time with Melanie.

Gabi comes to Chad and tells him she thinks a guy is following her.  Melanie wants to call the police and Gabi tries to stop her, but Melanie insists.  Melanie calls then gives the phone to Gabi who hangs up.  She tells them Will can get her protection through the Mayor's office without going to the police.  Melanie knows something is weird about all this but can't figure out what it is.

Marlena is trying to read and John is snapping her fingers getting on her nerves (didn't this happen on I Love Lucy once?).  Shane comes in and tells him Agent Harmon's access to ISA resources has been severely limited.  Meanwhile, Harmon is at the ISA going through drawers and papers unaware Bo and Hope are hiding in the file room nearby.   Harmon gets distracted by a safe and finds the half-coin and starts to leave.  Bo's cell phone rings which turns Harmon around.  Harmon answers and it's Shane who covers by saying it was his phone Harmon answered.  Harmon returns the half-coin to Stefano.

Marlena suggests Stefano may take the coin and leave town but John wants to make sure if he ever leaves, it's for good.  Shane is ticked off at the ISA's lack of manpower and Bo comments on that and the state of the show: "Budget cuts.  They're a bitch."

Grade for the Day: B-

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  1. Much better clarifications on Caroline's motivations for being upset with Rick. Too bad they didn't play that at first!