Monday, May 14, 2012

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL's Joanna Johnson: I Was So Worried I Wouldn't Be Employable As An Actress If People Knew I Was A Lesbian

In a fascinating new interview with TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan, Joanna Johnson talks about her return to THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL and startling story about how Karen has been living a secret life as a lesbian. Johnson finally reveals is ready to admit that she spent years keeping her sexuality a secret from the public.

TV Guide Magazine: With this announcement you seem to be the only officially "out" star currently in daytime soaps, even though the shows are loaded with gay actors. What's up with that?
Joanna Johnson: Daytime is a whole different world than primetime or theater or film. There's a greater intimacy between the viewers and the characters. They think you are your character. And that creates a lot of fear. Fear of rejection. I was so worried I wouldn't be employable as an actress if people knew I was a lesbian. Or that I wouldn't be believable in romance stories. I had to deal with a lot of self-loathing.

TV Guide Magazine: How are things going with you and Crystal [Chappell]? Johnson: [Laughs] She's straight and she's more comfortable playing gay than I am! When we first met up at the show we had to shoot some photos — vacation-type snapshots of Karen and Dani to put on the mantel — and I felt kind of nervous and awkward. I think Crystal thought I was a little crazy but when I explained that I hadn't yet come out publicly, she got it and has been very lovely and supportive.

TV Guide Magazine: How long have you and Michelle been a couple?Johnson: We've been together nine years and had our wedding in 2008 during the two minutes when same-sex marriage was legal in California. When we realized Prop 8 was going to pass, we thought we should try to get in under the wire and be part of the movement. So we ran down to the Beverly Hills courthouse in our workout clothes to get the license, only to hear it might be really hard to find someone to marry us before the election. There were all these other gay couples there, too, and somebody from the court comes out and says, "We're picking straws if there's anyone who wants to get married right now!" And Michelle and I won!

Are you excited about the upcoming Karen/Dani storyline on B&B? Let us know what you think.

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  1. Bless you, Joanna, for taking that extra step towards opening up the closet door a little wider.

    Big Congrats Go To You, Joanna!

    Brian :-)