Sunday, May 13, 2012

Today in Soap Opera History (May 13)

On this date in...

1975: On ANOTHER WORLD, Helen confronted Carol.

1980: On THE EDGE OF NIGHT, Draper (still thinking he's "Kirk") and Emily arrived in Monticello and checked into the same hotel Raven was staying in.

1985: A two-hour movie update of PEYTON PLACE titled Peyton Place: The Next Generation aired on NBC. Nine of the original cast members returned including Dorothy Malone, Christopher Connelly, Barbara Perkins and Ed Nelson.

1985: Tricia Cast debuted on SANTA BARBARA as Christy Duvall.

1988: On GUIDING LIGHT, Phillip locked Chelsea in the lighthouse to keep her from interrupting his plan to take over Spaulding Enterprises.

1988: On AS THE WORLD TURNS, Kim realized Chris wasn't in his crib.

1993: KNOTS LANDING aired its final episodes in two parts of "Just Like Old Times" after 14 seasons on the air.

2010: Radio soap opera organist Rosa Rio died at age 107.

2011: Roger Howarth returned to ONE LIFE TO LIVE.

Celebrating a birthday today are:
Beverley Owen (ex-Paula, ANOTHER WORLD; ex-Linda, AS THE WORLD TURNS) - 74
Susan Floyd (ex-Christine, ONE LIFE TO LIVE) - 44
Neil Hopkins (ex-Liam, LOST) -35
Natalie Cassidy (ex-Sonia, EASTENDERS) - 28

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  1. Made my mother's day, grew up with my mom and both grandmothers watching CBS daytime. I might not have them anymore but wonderful memories. Thank you for posting episodes of GL & ATWT. Loved the GL and nothing like Pam Long coming back to write and grounding GL again and Doug Marland genius, seeing Lien, I loved the character of Kirt and his sense of humor. Simply wonderful...when are we going to have GL episode full episode streams online to watch? The quality is SO MUCH BETTER then the horrendous story telling of today's soaps. Someone needs to lock MAB in room for 3 days, feed her bread & water watch how to write good soap opera!