Tuesday, May 22, 2012

'Fatal Honeymoon' Lifetime Movie To Feature Life of Gabe & Tina Watson; Stars Y&R's Billy Miller, Amber Clayton & Harvey Keitel

The creators of Lifetime movie Fatal Honeymoon have promised to delve "deep" into the psychology of Gabe Watson (pictured), who pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of his wife, Tina Watson. Watson's wife died while scuba diving on their honeymoon dive in 2003.

Watson, 35, served 18 months in prison before his release in November 2010.  He was accused of tampering with his new wife's scuba equipment to pocket in excess of $200,000 insurance money. His eight-day "murder for money" trial in Alabama was dismissed this February for lack of evidence.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Emmy winner Billy Miller is playing Gabe Watson, while Amber Clayton plays Tina.  Hollywood heavyweight Harvey Keitel will play Tina's father, Tommy Thomas, whose determined pursuit of justice will be a focus of the movie, producer David Parker says.  Parker's wife, Nadia Tass, is directing the film.

The screenplay, written by Melbourne's Mac Gudgeon, will center on Tommy and his fight for justice over his daughter's death.

Former Australian soap stars, HOME AND AWAY's Gyton Grantley and NEIGHBOURS' Damien Richardson, also appear in the film.

The film is currently being shot on the Gold Coast in Australia.

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  1. When is it airing / in cinema I'm really looking forward to it .