Friday, May 18, 2012

Donna Summer Dead at 63; From "Enough is Enough" To "Last Dance" Summer Rocked Soaps

Longtime fans of GUIDING LIGHT will never forget the exciting Hall of Mirrors epsisode in 1980 when an on-the-run Roger Thorpe chased Rita Bauer during the charity bazaar. And those scenes would not be the same without the music of the legendary Donna Summar, who died at age 63 on Thursday at her Naples, home after a long struggle with cancer. In a statement, her family confirmed her death.

Known for songs such as as “Bad Girls,” “Hot Stuff” and “She Works Hard for the Money,” Summer burst onto the music scene in the 1970s and became an icon.

Watch a video below of "Enough is Enough" during one of the most famous scenes in GUIDING LIGHT history. The music was so memorable that it almost became another character along with Roger and Rita.

On the final episode of AS THE WORLD TURNS, Henry and Barbara had one "Last Dance" to the Donna Summer classic song.

Was a Donna Summer song used on one of your favorite soaps? Share your memories (and links) in our comments section.


  1. From the age of 3 at least until Michael Jackson's Thriller, Donna Summers was my favorite singer! Absolutely loved her (so much so, that she was my fantasy Mom when my own Mother would do something upsetting to my little girl sensibilities like saying 'No' when I wanted to stay up past my bedtime. Ironically, yesterday I found out that she was born the same year as my Dad). I loved her music and would play her records even when people said that disco was dead. Today, I'm shocked that I could've owned her Bad Girls album which had pictures of 'Ladies of the Night' posing on the inside cover (LOL) but I guess I got away with it only because my family were recent immigrants and probably were too busy working multiple jobs to investigate the lyrical content. I'd be singing 'Toot toot, hey Beep Beep' and everyone thought it was so cute that the baby is singing and I had no idea what it was about (at that age, a bad girl was someone who didn't got to bed when she was told) but now I think...Wow, I shouldn't have been allowed to sing that! And believe it or not, my parents were strict, but I guess they let that slide because they knew her music made me happy.

    Thanks so much for posting this, Roger. I really haven't listened to any clips since I heard the news yesterday. I feel a bit sad about it and the voice as dynamic and beautiful as it is, would make me feel sad right now, I think.

  2. Luke & Bobbie at the Nurse's Ball.

  3. I have yet to watch the full final episodes of #ATWT, so watching the Barbara and Henry clip is doubly sad for me. Donna Summer was one of my Dad's favorite singers, I lost him in February, so that's another level of grief. All I can say through tears right now, is sing with the angels Disco Queen and be sure to dance with my daddy. It will make him so happy.