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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: RAGGED ISLE's Maine Man, Barry Dodd, Answers Five Burning Questions

Barry Dodd, who lives in Gorham, Maine with his wife Karen and their five cats; Igor, Rasputin, Barnabas, Damien, and Quentin, recently had a few spare moments to answer five burning questions about Season Two of his masterpiece, RAGGED ISLE. The quirky, enchanting and groundbreaking show won Best Web Series (Drama), Best Cinematography (All Shows) and Best Directing (Drama) at the 3rd Annual Indie Soap Awards last February in New York City. Maine's favorite showrunner even made the best dressed list (he was typically--and adorably--bashful when he heard the news).

But will the second season live up to all the hype generated by the success of Season One? How do you top the Lobster Festival Debacle? And is there life after RAGGED ISLE? Dodd has all the answers.

WE LOVE SOAPS TV: First question: how would you describe RAGGED ISLE Season Two to fans of the first season?
Barry Dodd: Well, everyone on the island has been through some pretty heavy stuff, and now they are dealing with the aftermath of the recent deaths. Our characters are being forced to make some tough decisions about who to trust and how to survive.

Expect to know much more about the mystery surrounding the island by the end of Season Two, as three separate investigations will be going on.

WE LOVE SOAPS TV: Second question: how would you encourage anyone who wasn't tempted to check it out last year to tune into every other Tuesday?
Barry Dodd: I'd simply say this. If you enjoyed classic shows like DARK SHADOWS, TWIN PEAKS and THE X-FILES, you might like to visit the Isle. The creators of this show were big fans of those shows, and we do our best to pay tribute to that style of storytelling--while putting our own Maine spin on things.

WE LOVE SOAPS TV: Third question: in addition to the scheduled episodes, what kind of bonus materials can we look forward to?
Barry Dodd: The plan is, on the off weeks, when there won't be a new episode, we'll be releasing behind-the-scenes videos and doing giveaways and all sorts of fun stuff. We are hoping that every week until the finale there will be fresh new Ragged Isle fun for our fans to enjoy.

WE LOVE SOAPS TV: Fourth (and hardest) question: if you could choose just one person, who has surprised you the most in the course of shooting Season Two?
Barry Dodd: Oh gosh, I love them all so much! I'll give you two because that's just an impossible question. Amie E. Marzen, who plays Julie Katsarakis, really dug in deep with her character this season. Julie takes a complete 180 degree turn after the Lobster Festival travesty and it's been a real thrill to watch Amie explore that character.

The other is Meghan Benton, and her portrayal of Vicki Burke. Everyone who worked with her this time around was blown away by her commitment and her courage. She has taken her acting to a whole other level this year and I feel so lucky to have her as our lead.

WE LOVE SOAPS TV: Fifth (and final) question: what's next for Barry Dodd and everyone at RAGGED ISLE?
Barry Dodd: We shot the third (and final) season of RAGGED ISLE at the same time as Season Two so after we finish with the second season I'm taking a bit of a needed vacation from the island. This fall I'll start editing Season Three and we'll get it all ready to be released next spring.

Karen and I are also in the early stages of developing a brand new series with our business partners. Stay tuned for more on that as the year goes on! I think your readers will REALLY like it!

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