Monday, May 28, 2012


Dutch soap opera GOEDE TIJDEN SLECHTE TIJDEN has a celebration this week: RTL4 will air the show's 4,500th episode on Friday, June 1.

The episode will revolve around Ludo Sanders and Janine Elschot, the show's most well-known couple. They're played by Erik de Vogel and Caroline de Bruijn who are also a couple in real life (they fell in love on set). Ludo and Janine are planning to get married on Friday (their third marriage) but whether they actually tie the knot remains to be seen.

For months Ludo and Janine have been convinced that Ludo's sister Maxime tried to kill Janine, but now they found out the truth: Not Maxime but Ludo's son Nick is guilty. He framed Maxime out of revenge. This causes a lot of stress and tension.

But that's not everything. Ludo and Janine's daughter Nina found out who her stalker is. It's her half-sister Amy. Amy is jealous of the relationship Nina has with their father. Nina hasn't shared this information with her family because they think she has imagined everything since there is no evidence. Nina confronts Amy, but this doesn't end well...

Take a look at the promo for this episode:

GOEDE TIJDEN SLECHTE TIJDEN premiered on October 1, 1990, making it the longest running soap opera in the Netherlands. The current season has been very successful achieving higher ratings than the show has seen in several years. In online viewing ratings, GTST has been taking first place every day. Last year RTL4 renewed the show for four years.

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