Alison Sweeney To Appear On THE DOCTORS May 30

DAYS OF OUR LIVES star and host of THE BIGGEST LOSER Alison Sweeney visits the set of the Emmy Award-winning syndicated daytime talk show THE DOCTORS on Wednesday, May 30. The mother of two shares her insider secrets on juggling motherhood, a busy television career, training for a marathon and getting bikini-body ready for her April 2012 Shape Magazine cover shoot.

Sweeney explains that shaking up a workout is key and demonstrates simple, yet effective exercises that can be done at any level outside (i.e. without a gym membership).

Supplement Sweeney’s fitness tips with these five foods recommended by THE DOCTORS to help your readers get in beach ready:
· Peaches – At only 40 calories each, this seasonal fruit is a great source of vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, iron and fiber.

· Apples – An apple a day keeps weight gain at bay.  Folks who eat an apple before a meal, on average eat 15% fewer calories overall.  Apples are high in vitamin C, fiber and antioxidants, but make sure to eat the skin – that’s where most of the nutrients are hidden!

· Oranges – The flavones compounds in this citrus favorite are said to help decrease body fat.

· Gazpacho – Full of nutritious and low-calorie vegetables, this cold and spicy appetizer can help decrease overall caloric consumption at mealtime by 20%.

· Crabmeat – Fill up on this lean source of protein, rich in selenium, Omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, copper, zinc, phosphorus and iron…just pass on the crab cakes and other mayonnaise-filled and fried crab dishes.

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