Wednesday, May 30, 2012

NEWS ROUNDUP: Justin Deas & Fiona Hutchison Reunite; Crystal Chappell & Joanna Johnson Talk B&B

Justin Deas & Fiona Hutchison among stars as Cape May Stage Presents "God of Carnage" opening June 21
Cape May Stage will present the 2009 Tony Award winner for Best Play: "God of Carnage." Directed by Roy Steinberg (GUIDING LIGHT; DAYS OF OUR LIVES) and starring John Viscardi, Michelle Eugene, Emmy nominee Fiona Hutchison (currently starring on THE BAY; formerly of GUIDING LIGHT & ONE LIFE TO LIVE) and multiple Emmy winner Justin Deas (GUIDING LIGHT, SANTA BARBARA; et al), "God of Carnage" will open Thursday, June 21 at 8:00pm at the Robert Shackleton Playhouse on Bank and Lafayette Streets.

The Bold and the Beautiful Lives of Joanna Johnson & Crystal Chappell
Chappell: "In terms of my previous experience with playing Olivia on GUIDING LIGHT, it’s a different time and a different company. I know what I was told and I feel very good about the story. It’s about a loving family. They have their issues and they have a child together. I am just happy to be a part of it. Just for the record, I am very proud of Joanna [Johnson]. It is a brave thing to do. During my time in the Otalia storyline, I got so many letters from people sharing their stories with me and Jessica Leccia [Ex-Natalia, GL]. These were stories they had never shared with their own families. There was this self-loathing and trying to come to terms, and being afraid to lose the people they love for being who they are, and so I admire Joanna for being so brave."

ATWT's Tom Degnan Stars in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" at Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival, 7/19-8/5
The Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival’s 21st season will feature daytime television star Tom Degnan in the role of Brick Pollitt in Tennessee William’s Pulitzer Prize winning classic, "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof."

Nicholas Rodriguez Joins Cast of "Lost in Love" Reading, 6/5
Rodriguez, known to soap audiences as Nick Chavez on ONE LIFE TO LIVE for which he received a GLAAD Media Award, has joined the cast of "Lost in Love" the Air Supply musical for the sold-out staged reading on June 5 to benefit The Actors Fund. Rodriguez replaces Justin Matthew Sargent, who had a scheduling conflict.

Ex-CORONATION STREET star Phil Middlemiss declared bankrupt
The 48 year old actor, best known as bookmaker Des Barnes from 1990 until 1998, was hit with a petition after unpaid taxes.

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News, he explained that his decision to direct a film in Africa caused his financial hardship.

PABLO ESCOBAR breaks Colombian TV records
According to the show's network, Caracol Television, the first episode of the fictionalized series of the life of Pablo Escobar, received national ratings of 26.9%, and an average 62.7% of television viewers were watching the show between 9:00 and 10:00 p.m. Monday.

THE GLEE PROJECT Adds Cory Monteith, Naya Rivera, Samuel Larsen as Mentors
Lea Michele will kick off the season in an episode focusing on "Individuality." Monteith will oversee the third episode, airing June 19, which will focus on "Vulnerability" and address bullying, while Rivera's June 26 hour will see the contestants explore "Sexuality." Season 1 co-winner Samuel Larsen will also return to Oxygen as a mentor in the second episode, "Dance-ability."

Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke to helm episode of HELL ON WHEELS
She is directing an episode of the 1860s-set AMC western that centers on the building of the first transcontinental railroad.

MAD MEN's Christina Hendricks on Joan's Epic Moral Moment
"Matt [Weiner] had told me about that storyline, I think it was either last season or the season before. He'd had it in his mind, and was planning on using it before, but the development of the characters just didn't get to that point. So I'd had some knowledge of it for quite some time. Yeah, it makes you nervous! 'Cause you think, well, how are people going to respond to Joan doing this? But I think Matt's writing and the way it was done shows what people will do out of necessity and for survival. I thought it was beautifully written."

Tim Daly not returning to PRIVATE PRACTICE
Daly's Pete Wilder was last seen being released on bail after the mercy killing of one of his patients. It was especially bad timing considering Violet (Amy Brenneman) had finally decided that she still wanted to fight for her troubled relationship with Pete. Since Daly won't be returning, we can only assume Pete's headed to the slammer for good.

Dominic Monaghan accuses former LOST costar Matthew Fox of 'often' beating women
On Sunday, a fan tweeted at Monaghan, asking him to get Fox to join the social networking site.

"Holla at matthew fox and tell him to get a twitter i beg of you," the fan innocently requested.

"He beats women. No thanks," Monaghan tweeted tersely in reply.

The fan, not to be easily deterred, responded in all caps.

"I KNOW IT WAS WRONG BUT WHAT?! What about all those good times you had together?!" she wrote.

"How did you know we ever did? You don't know either of us. He beats women. Not isolated incidents. Often. Not interested," Monaghan wrote back.

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