Tuesday, April 17, 2012

DALLAS Star Charlene Tilton Joins DEVANITY!

Actress Charlene Tilton has joined the cast of indie soap DEVANITY. Soap fans loved Tilton in the role of Lucy Ewing, Gary and Val's troubled daughter on DALLAS, for many years. She's returning this summer in TNT's new version of the show.

In her new role Tilton will play Francesca DeVanity, the bitter sister of the late Richard DeVanity, who returns to Los Angeles after being exiled to Paris for committing crimes which only a DeVanity is capable of executing.

“Francesca DeVanity is going to be quite the departure from Lucy Ewing.” said DEVANITY creator Michael Caruso. “She’s powerful, vengeful, and has a sordid appetite for everything that will put her at odds with Jason DeVanity. She will definitely rock the boat in a way that only Charlene Tilton is capable of. Everyone is incredibly excited to work with her; I think that she is going to really surprise fans with a very different character, and a look that Charlene herself is planning to create. Charlene is the perfect addition to the DeVanity family!”

Tilton has a long list of television and film credits, both prior and post DALLAS, including a recent appearance as a contestant on the British ice-skating show, DANCING ON ICE.

Look for Tilton to appear in the sixth and seventh episodes of DEVANITY's third season, which also includes soap stars Kyle Lowder (DAYS OF OUR LIVES), Robin Riker (THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL) and recent season three addition, Gordon Thomson (DYNASTY).

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