Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Top 3 Reasons Why We Love Soaps Loves SMASH

SMASH has gotten off to an enjoyable start. There are many things we like, including the creative way the episode's themes get worked into scenes from the show-within-a-show, and unexpected guest stars like Uma Thurman. There are also some things we love that show great potential since the show has been renewed by NBC and been given a chance to grow. Here are our Top 3:

3. New York City is a star again.
Not since SEX AND THE CITY has New York City played such a major role in a series. There are scenes in Times Square, the Theater District and even Brooklyn, and more often than not, it's integral to the story, the aesthetics, or both that the setting is NYC.
2. It's surprisingly realistic.
Part of the fun with a soap is that it doesn't always have to be realistic. Nevertheless, the various ups and downs in the lives of the SMASH theater folk are often the sorts of things that have actually happened in real life. Sometimes, trying to guess what could actually happen, and what would never happen, can be fun and surprisingly challenging. Thank goodness for Sharon Wheatley's blog.
1. Thorsten Kaye and Anjelica Huston are a great couple.
Nobody expected this one. Admit it! But it works. Thorsten's "male charisma" as Nick suits Huston's Eileen, and primetime, well. This role seems to be a nice combo of the complicated masculine roles he had on ONE LIFE TO LIVE and ALL MY CHILDREN on the one hand and the role of the super-helpful New York City doorman he played in last fall's film Occupant. Huston has actually become more watchable since he started his stint.

Are you watching SMASH? If so, tell us what you think.

- RESULTS: Primetime Soap of the Week Poll (April 1-7, 2012); SMASH No. 1
- SMASH Soundtrack Coming May 1


  1. Thorsten Kaye is my all time favorite male..... I love Smash, so the fact that he is on it has me loving it even more..Angelica Huston has been a favorite of mine also, love that they have something going on and I hope it'll keep going!!!!!

  2. I love Thorsten in this role.

    I am enjoying Ivy much more now and loved it when she flopped in 'Heaven Earth' and Karen helped her sober up (or got drunk with her). LOL

    The only annoyance: Ellis!

  3. I can't sit through a whole ep of Smash anymore, but can watch it in as little as 10 minutes...if I FF to only the Thorsten Kaye scenes.

    Casting him against Anjelica was genius, but let's get real, a piece of paper could have chemistry with that guy.

  4. Thorsten Kaye is masterful at acting & he makes everyone he's with in the scene look great! I do agree that Anjelica Huston's Eileen is much more enjoyable, energetic, appealing, etc, since she found her Nick! TK brings that sultry, smoky, fascinating sex appeal to primetime & I doubt it'll ever be the same - how can we go back?! Loving Nick, Eileen & Smash!!

  5. Agreed. Love this show but Ellis has got to go!