Florencia Lozano Gets "Busted"!

Florencia Lozano continues to amaze and inspire soap fans and New York theatergoers with her new theater piece, "Busted."  Written by Lozano, "Busted" tells a story of four friends who reunite for an unexpectedly touching and complicated meeting.  Gigi is pissed, LucĂ­a is about to let her have it, Jesse has a secret she doesn't want her friends to know-- or does she?-- and Melanie's announcement is about to change EVERYTHING. A tale in which friends cling to each other for dear life and tear each other to shreds in the process. An inexplicable hole, a mysterious visitation, a cosmic happening... with dance breaks: BUSTED.

A staged reading for the play will be performed on Saturday, April 7th, at 8 p.m.  Proceeds from ticket sales will go toward furthering HOLA's much needed advocacy efforts on behalf of the Latino/Hispanic entertainment community. 

Any one who misses ONE LIFE TO LIVE and enjoyed Todd & Tea's (and Victor's!) relationship will not want to miss this event. 

So join We Love Soaps in supporting Lozano, HOLA, and a great night with soap fans and theater. Call (212) 253-1015 to be part of this event! We will see you there!

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