Friday, March 16, 2012

WHERE ARE THEY NOW: Former Soap Star James Hyde Working On New Web Series

James Hyde, best known for playing characters on PASSIONS (Sam Bennett) and ANOTHER WORLD (Neil Johanssen), has been taking on several new roles lately.

Hyde visited Lexington on Friday to shoot a new episode for his web series JAMES HYDE STEALS THE SHOW, featured on In the show, Hyde travels all over to “find the world’s most interesting performers” to learn more about the local culture.

His Boston episode features the historical reenactors from the Lexington Minute Men, who spent Friday showing Hyde the ropes before he dons the uniform himself and walks in Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day parade. Hyde even got the opportunity to fire a musket on the Battle Green.

For the upcoming episode, Caruso said Hyde has also learned how to break dance with Boston’s Bboy El Nino and sang with a Tufts University a cappella group.

The most recent episode was shot in Brooklyn where he learned a lesson in stagecraft from the premier instructor at the Coney Island Sideshow, Adam "Real Man" Rinn, aka The Man Who Played with Fire. Watch it below:

From Crackle: Coney Island

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