Friday, March 23, 2012

EXCLUSIVE: SoapClassics Releases New GUIDING LIGHT DVD: The Phillip Spaulding Collection

SoapClassics today has released the latest GUIDING LIGHT DVD, "The Story of Phillip Spaulding," featuring five episodes that span 32 years. The DVD kicks off with a November 1977 episode shortly after the Spauldings arrived in Springfield. Over the course of five episodes, Phillip goes from a young boy to grandfather.

It's especially exciting to have found the 1977 episode, which we did not know existed before. Bridget and Jerome Dobson introduced the Spaulding family when GUIDING LIGHT expanded to an hour on November 7, 1977. The story was so well crafted, the secret of Phillip's birth played out over the next six years. You can watch the powerful episode in which Phillip reacts to the truth on the very first GUIDING LIGHT Classics DVD.

Below you will find the complete episode listing for the new disc.

Episode 1. Meet the Spauldings. November 23, 1977
In this episode, Alan Spaulding has just arrived in Springfield with his wife, Elizabeth, and 7-year-old son, Phillip. They are staying with Elizabeth's friend, Jackie Marler. Jackie is actually Phillip's biological mother, a secret that will not be revealed to Phillip for many years.

Principal Cast: Christopher Bernau, Lezlie Dalton, Cindy Pickett, Thomas O'Rourke, Don Stewart, Charita Bauer, Maureen Garrett, Millette Alexander, Barbara Berjer and Jarrod Ross.

Episode 2. On the Run. December 19, 1983
The show's writers took the dramatic liberty of "aging" Phillip rapidly. After only six years, the seven year old became a young man. In this episode, Philip is already in college. He has recently learned that Alan and Elizabeth are not his true biological parents. He has also met the woman who will be the love of his life, the beautiful but troubled Beth Raines. Beth's young life has already been touched by tragedy, as she was recently raped by her evil stepfather, Bradley. In this pivotal episode, Phillip is forced to take startling action to keep Beth safe.

Principal Cast: Grant Aleksander, Judi Evans, Tina Sloan, Harley Kozak, Michael O'Leary, Krista Tesreau, James Rebhorn, Kim Zimmer, Don Stewart and Robert Newman.

Episode 3. The Wedding. February 14, 1991
In 1986, Beth was presumed dead after a boating accident, leaving Phillip devastated. Beth turned up alive three years later, but she was mute, and had amnesia. Eventually, Beth regained her memory, and the mystery of her disappearance was solved. In this special episode, Phillip and Beth are finally married, surrounded by their family and friends.

Principal Cast: Grant Aleksander, Beth Chamberlin, Tina Sloan, Beverlee McKinsey, Kimberly Simms, Michael O'Leary, Jerry verDorn, Ellen Parker, Christopher Pennock and Michael Zaslow.

Episode 4. The Confession. June 1, 1998
Phillip and Beth's love was severely tested by a series of events which unfolded after they married. They eventually were divorced, and Beth left Springfield with their daughter Lizzie. Now, years later, Beth and LIzzie have returned to Springfield, accompanied by Beth's abusive lover, Carl Stevens. In this shocking episode, Lizzie makes a confession to Phillip that changes everything.

Principal Cast: Grant Aleksander, Beth Chamberlin, Hayden Panettierre, Beth Ehlers, Kim Zimmer, Robert Newman, Wendy Moniz, Frank Grillo, Cynthia Watros and Ron Raines.

Episode 5. Making Peace. September 15, 2009
Phillip, long estranged from his father and family, eventually returned to Springfield, dying of a mysterious disease. Despite the animosity between them, Alan saved Phillip's life with a bone marrow donation, setting the stage for a reconciliation. In this poignant episode, Phillip makes peace with Alan, reunites with Beth, and then makes a shocking discovery. Three days later, Guiding Light aired for the last time.

Principal Cast: Grant Aleksander, Beth Chamberlin, Ron Raines, Tina Sloan, Robert Newman, Kim Zimmer, Jordan Clarke, Zack Conroy, Marcy Rylan and Tom Pelphrey.

Please visit to order your copy of the latest GUIDING LIGHT DVD.

SoapClassics will also be offering a free episode for a short time, the famous 1983 Four Musketeers prom which is one of the most requested by fans.   Watch it here.


  1. Roger, Damon, or anyone else at WLS who would be willing to answer:

    How was the 1977 episode found or recovered?!!? I know that there are a handful from 1976 through 1979 (prior to saving the episodes) that P & G had in their archive (and that footage was placed on the Roger Thorpe "Scandal Years" VHS from 1994, so this is a very welcome surprise! This probably hasn't been seen since it first aired in 1977! After reading about this, I placed my order immediately. I hope someone can reply to this?

  2. Hi Zane, there are two 1976 episodes and two from November 1977 that were part of the same set of episodes that start consecutively in Fall 1979. Before I watched, I was hoping for the very first hour episode where the Spauldings debut, but the episode on the DVD was a couple of weeks later. It has the full credits at the end and a great intro to the Spauldings, plus Bert, Mike, Holly, Barbara, Adam, Justin, Sara are all there. There is one from maybe that first week but there were no Spauldings so it didn't fit into this DVD. Will definitely use it in the future if possible. I haven't screened the 1976 episodes yet so we don't know what exactly is on them but they are from Summer I believe.

  3. Roger,

    I can tell you that one of the 1976 episodes features Roger and Peggy (when Roger finally reveals to Peggy that he is the father of Holly's child), but I am not sure of what the other one contains. That first episode would probably make a great one for a Roger Thorpe compilation, should Soap Classics decide to make one.

  4. One last question, Roger - was the other 1977 episode the one where Roger and Ed have a confrontation over Christina (in front of Holly)?

  5. I could only do a quick scan of that. It's a Bauer episode but I think it's mostly (maybe all) at Mike's award dinner with Bill Morey (really Bill Bauer) lurking around. This may be where Rita first sees him (before anyone else. Roger was out of town or missing or something during this time (can't remember the reason).

  6. LOve that soap classics is doing this at a pretty good clip AND took the survey to help put classic eps from 1979 - 1985 on the internet to view as well! Hope we see that by the summer.

  7. Bazinga! Mike Bauer's Man of the Year! I was thinking on the way home that I hope that's the other 1977.

  8. Amazing! Been putting off buying some of the other sets for financial reasons, but when I get the cash, this will be the first thing I buy, if only for the 1977 episode alone! Quick question though, do we know the airdate of the current free online episode?

  9. Also since I haven't ordered anything yet, I didn't get the survey email. Is there any way I can still take it?

  10. I have got to see that Mike Bauer Man of year Episode. Please include that Episode & The 1976 Episodes on a Future DVD Release.I'll buy them all Thanks..

  11. Greg, I think if you sign up for Soap Classics email, you can get the survey. If not, maybe order just one set to begin.

  12. The free episode is June 20, 1983.

  13. Hi Roger,

    Who's the actor who played that sleazy Carl Stevens from 1998? Also, I'd love to see DVDs of early Rusty & Mindy from 1986. Thanks Roger & Soap Classics!

    Brian :-)