Thursday, February 23, 2012

Soap Actors Foreclosed On "in a driving rainstorm four days before Christmas"

Author and screenwriter Hilary de Vries wrote an op-ed piece on Wednesday for the Los Angeles Times about some recent foreclosures happening in Hollywood. Her neighbor had recently been foreclosed on and then she mentioned some "well-known soap" actors having met the same fate just days before Christmas. Read an excerpt below.

Her eviction follows that of our mutual neighbors, actors on a well-known soap opera forced out of their house in a foreclosure in a driving rainstorm four days before Christmas. Their dark, vacant houses, emblazoned with the public notices taped in the windows like shameful scarlet A’s, are holes in the hidden, fraying social fabric of Hollywood, where a vast majority belong not to the 1 percent but to the 99.

Of the 11 million Americans under water on their homes and facing foreclosure, more than two million reside in California. None of the Hollywood guilds keep records of how many of their members are among them, but several unions and charitable performing arts foundations report an increase in members applying for emergency housing assistance. When two of my three immediate neighbors have been foreclosed on, there are undoubtedly untold screenwriters, actors, directors and others quietly, invisibly struggling to keep their homes.


  1. Having had to navigate some truly challenging circumstances myself over the past several years, as a writer, I can truly empathize. I also know that there must be untold numbers of people behind the scenes that are now struggling to transition into another field where they can put to use the skills and expertise that they have cultivated over the years. Hopefully they can recover soon and get back on their feet.

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