Friday, February 10, 2012

EXCLUSIVE: Soap Classics Releases New GUIDING LIGHT DVD "The Reva Shayne Collection"

SoapClassics today announced the exclusive release of “The Reva Shayne Collection” on DVD. This DVD contains five of Kim Zimmer’s most memorable performances in this famous role.

Reva Shayne was one of the most interesting and enduring characters in the history of GUIDING LIGHT. As played by Emmy-winning actress Kim Zimmer, Reva
was a strong-willed, multi-dimensional character, who figured prominently
in the series from her debut in 1983 until the program’s conclusion in 2009.

This collection contains five great episodes:

1. When Reva Came to Town. November 28, 1983.
2. The Slut of Springfield. July 31, 1984.
3. Arriverderci Reva. July 23, 1990.
4. Like Mother, Like Son. November 17, 2004.
5. Reva and Josh 4-Ever. April 12, 2006.

Each episode of “The Reva Shayne Collection”, is digitally remastered from the original network tapes, and is presented without commercial interruption. The collection sells for $12.95.

SoapClassics is the only authorized source of classic episodes of great CBS
daytime dramas such as GUIDING LIGHT and AS THE WORLD TURNS. All of the
SoapClassics collections are available exclusively from and


We Love Soaps' Roger Newcomb shares his thoughts:

"Here she is folks. Reva Shayne Lewis. Tramp. Adulteress. Scarlet woman. How am I doing, Bud?"

Remember that amazing "Slut of Springfield" speech at the fountain in the Summer of 1984? If you enjoyed reliving that scene on the first GUIDING LIGHT Clasiccs DVD from Soap Classics released in January, you'll love the new February release, "The Reva Shayne Collection," a five-episode disc on sale now!

The disc starts with four-time Emmy winner Kim Zimmer's first day on GUIDING LIGHT (November 28, 1983), which also just happens to be the same episode Vincent Irizarry's Lujack ruffles the feathers of some Musketeers. Remember Reva's first scenes? The chemistry between Zimmer's Reva Shayne and Christopher Bernau's Alan Spaulding was a wonderful preview of what we would come to expect with Reva and The Men of Springfield.

The second episode (July 31, 1984) is the show that followed "The Slut of Springfield" episode from the first DVD collection. Reva is still at the fountain with Josh Lewis (Robert Newman) in one of the greatest confrontations in soap history. But after she agrees to shed her last bit of dignity, H.B. (the late Larry Gates) steps in and rescues her. The "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof"-inspired summer storyline was one for the ages.

The third episode (July 23, 1990) is the famous "Reva drives off a bridge" episode. Reva had been suffering from postpartum depression after the birth of Shayne and the storyline came to a head during a family trip to Florida. "I'm coming for you, Bud!" she yells as she drives off to her death. Or was that Amish country by way of San Cristobal?

The fourth episode (November 17, 2004) brings Reva back to the fountain, this time with her new-found son, Jonathan, played by Emmy winner Tom Pelphrey. Jon jumps in the fountain and makes a scene that really shakes Reva to the core. The apple doesn't fall very far from the tree.

The fifth episode (April 12, 2006) is an "Inside the Light" special on the day of Reva and Josh's divorce. And in true Reva fashion there is a fountain once again! But will they sign the divorce papers or give their romance one more chance?

Kim Zimmer and the cast of GUIDING LIGHT shine bright on this new DVD, especially Robert Newman. But there are other fine performances as well by Beverlee McKinsey, Christopher Bernau, Vincent Irizzary, Grant Aleksander, Jordan Clarke, Maeve Kinkead, Judi Evans and so many others from the show's final three decades.

Order your copy today at

And while you're there, check out a free online episode from February 1984. Alexandra Spaulding (Beverlee McKinsey) is watching the citizens of Springfield as she prepares to be introduced at a masquerade ball in her honor. Elsewhere, Annabelle is worried about Tony, a newly engaged Phillip is unhappy to see Lujack dancing with his fiancee, Beth, and Reva is busy trying to get Billy and Vanessa to reunite, which means teaming up with Vanessa against Lucy! It's hilarious.

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  1. In my email this morning and ordered already, NOW the free episodes online!

  2. Let me know how you enjoy the online episode. I couldn't stop laughing at Reva asking Vanessa for a high five and Vanessa's reaction. :)

  3. I remember the episode Roger you know EXACTLY which one, it's was funny as hell, Trish always upstanding, nice girl but she showed ever once in while she was Lewis too, with her & Mindy locking in the bathroom stall, I'm thinking that is the episode and Billy & Vanessa married for the first time by the end that week if I'm correct!! Thanks YOU, I love you, always and ever a "Lighter"!!

  4. OH I'm screaming, my mistake Roger, just watched the episode. It had to the following episode when Mindy & Trish goes the ladies room to help I remember this...I want to watch more...(as I cry) I was funny...thanks again!

  5. Enjoyed the online episode of GL. The intro of Alex, Dr. Stevens(who we know is Dr Jim Reardon, Tony and Annabelle (but I hated that short hair cut on Harley Look forward to others coming out this year and getting my 5 eps of Reva. Love this tremendously.

  6. Will Guiding Light and ATWT ever return to television??? I miss it so bad!!!