Friday, February 11, 2011

WLS Interview Archive: Jon Lindstrom Reveals His "High" Ride In Music and Soaps

We Love Soaps spoke with Jon Lindstrom in December 2010 about his long and successful career in soaps, upcoming projects and High Lonesome. Below are the links to this special four-part interview.

Part 1 - Lindstrom traces the origins of his musical passion, as well as recollects some of his most memorable moments on his numerous shows.

Part 2 - Lindstrom reveals more anecdotes about SANTA BARBARA, and his process of playing tortured twins Ryan and Kevin on GENERAL HOSPITAL. Which famous soap actor almost got the role instead of him?

Part 3 - Lindstrom shares what happened when Kevin spun off to PORT CHARLES, offers insights into backstage decisions made in daytime, as well as the challenges and vindication of portraying Craig on AS THE WORLD TURNS.

Part 4 - Lindstrom discusses his approach to handling cancellations, his future career in films and television, and his insights into the future of soaps. Why do gay audiences want to check their local film festivals in 2011?

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