Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tim Gunn, Ty Pennington: THE REVOLUTION Not Trying to Replace ONE LIFE TO LIVE

The final episode of beloved soap ONE LIFE TO LIVE airs this Friday. It will be replaced in the ABC lineup by the new lifestyle program, THE REVOLUTION.

Two of the hosts of THE REVOLUTION, Tim Gunn and Ty Pennington, urge viewers of ONE LIFE TO LIVE to give their own show a try when it premieres next week.

At the TV critics winter press tour in Pasadena on Monday, they both said they're not replacing the daytime soap, just offering something different.

Pennington said, "You guys know about EXTREME MAKEOVER, you know, that show got cancelled too. And that's something that's very, very special to me. But, you know, it's about change. And The Revolution is certainly about change."

The first email series creator J.D. Roth received last April upon learning that ABC had decided to air his new daytime series, THE REVOLUTION, came from his mother-in-law: "You killed Erica Kane!" She mixed up replacement shows, but the sentiment was correct.

Roth says he is sympathetic so soap fans.

"Part of me realized it's the end of an era for television, and I wanted to make sure we had respect for the many years of television that the soap operas provided."

Roth said the premise of the new series is that “a lot of people are on the hamster wheel of life and they want to get off.

“I think people want to be more connected. I believe this show ... is an opportunity to switch those switches back on."

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  1. Excuse me? Respect? When they made the incredibly tacky remark about us sitting alone in the dark? Not only do I not sit alone in the dark, I have a rich, full life that happens to include OLTL. I have no use for any of this time wasting "lifestyle" drivel, trying to convince me that I'm not good enough without dieting, exercising and buying a whole new wardrobe. Scripted drama wins out over this overhyped garbage any day. ABC will be off as of 2:00pm 01/13/12.

  2. Of course, The RevoltingPollution isn't TRYING to replace OLTL, it flat-out IS replacing OLTL! When one turns on ABC at 1pm and The RevoltingPollution is there in place of OLTL, I'd call that "replaced", wouldn't you? Their pathetic statements basically translate as "Please don't boycott us - the show and our individual careers" but sorry - not buying what you're selling.

    And J.D. Roth is the guy whose bright idea this was? Seriously?! Go back to hosting game shows where people throw pies at each other and leave OLTL alone!

  3. I will not watch the Chew or Revolution. I don't even know how Ty Pennington could think that we would. Like he could replace Scripted entertainment. I find it Revolting and it makes me want to Spew........

  4. While I'm hoping AMC/OLTL viewers are not going to watch The Chew and The Reveloution it's really about advertising dollars for ABC, we need to stop buying the products from the companies that run commercials during these shows. The sponsors need to know that as loyal viewers of OLTL/AMC we are strong in our conviction. Millions of upset AMC/OLTL fans won't make a difference until we can make a financial difference that effects both the companies sponsoring these replacement shows. We need these sponsors to pull their advertising during The Chew and The Revolution, that ABC will notice.

  5. Ty Pennington looks ridiculous in V-neck sweater and combed hair. As for Tim Gunn, I've already deleted Project Runway from my TiVO and I won't be watching The Revolution. Worst program name ever?

  6. I absolutely will not *EVER* tune in to the Spew or the revolting. OLTL has been part of my life for over 40 years. How long do these guys plan on being around? I can tell you it won't be 40+years.

  7. The Revolution is expecting soap fans want something different, we are not on a hampster wheel TY we know what we want and we did not want this change as you call it. Extreme Makeover was a reality show whose time has come, how many homes can you make into a castle without people getting bored of it. One life to live gave us direction on human issues, our lives had similar paralels that the story lines showed solutions and it wasnt just weight loss. It is unreal that someone who is struggling with weight loss will have a show redo their wardrobe and home and help with weight issue, another reality show that is staged like the others. No TY we wont be watching you may get some curiosity views the first week like the spew did but in reality TY you will never provide over 40 years with this show. We will only be watching General Hospital of course, until their cancelation date, and the fight for both All My Children and One Life to Live continues with a vengence. Whoopie Goldberg even pity's the man who canceled these soaps, may he never work again in a capacity to cancel shows with such a large viewer base with shows no one cares to watch every again! I would love to wish you Good Luck but it wont help you anyway your on a runaway train TY and should look for another thriving network to work for perhaps one that has soaps still airing like NBC or CBS whose decision makers are laughing at ABC right now! Long live All My chilren and One life to live we will forever work to get these shows back on air our commitment is rock solid. Give Agnes Nixon the rights to her shows now!