Tuesday, January 3, 2012

SOAPnet Airing THE LYING GAME Marathon on Jan. 8

SOAPnet continues to celebrate the start of 2012 with a THE LYING GAME Marathon, featuring the first 10 episodes from the hit ABC Family series. In addition, the January 2nd winter premiere episode will be broadcast. The marathon airs on Sunday, January 8, 2012 from 10 a.m. – 9 p.m. ET/PT.

The following episodes will air (all times Eastern and Pacific):

10 a.m. - Episode 101 – Pilot - Separated at birth, identical twins Emma Becker and Sutton Mercer have led very different lives, each oblivious to the other’s existence until circumstances bring them back together. Yearning for the family she never had, Emma agrees to help Sutton with her plan to find their birth parents, setting in motion a web of secrecy and lies.

11 a.m. - Episode 102 - “Being Sutton” - With no word from Sutton, Emma continues to impersonate her, but begins to raise suspicion with her much different personality.

12 p.m. - Episode 103 - “Double Dibs” - As Emma continues to complicate Sutton’s life in Arizona, Sutton makes shocking discoveries in Los Angeles.

1 p.m. – Episode 104 - “Twinsense and Sensibility” - The search for their birth mother intensifies as Sutton and Emma discover a commonality between their dreams.

2 p.m. - Episode 105 - “Over Exposed” - As Homecoming approaches, Emma realizes she is no longer living Sutton’s life, but living the one she always dreamed of.

3 p.m. - Episode 106 - “Bad Boys Break Hearts” - As the backlash of Emma and Ethan’s kiss erupts, Sutton may have gotten closer to learning where Annie Hobbes has been.

4 p.m. - Episode 107 - “Escape From Sutton Island” - As the situation in Phoenix starts to fall apart for Emma, Sutton comes face to face with Annie Hobbes.

5 p.m. - Episode 108 - “Never Have I Ever” - Emma gets a surprise visit from Travis, while Sutton is thrown into living Emma’s life.

6 p.m. - Episode 109 - “Sex, Lies and Hard Knocks High” - Emma searches to finally get some answers, while Sutton tries to pull off her best Emma imitation.

7 p.m. - Episode 110 - “East of Emma” - On their seventeenth birthday, Emma’s ideal life is about to come to an end when a vengeful Sutton makes her way back to Phoenix to get her life back.

8 p.m. – Episode 111 – “O Twin, Where Art Thou?” – After the birthday party, Emma, Ethan and Thayer begin to wonder what happened to the now missing Sutton.

New episodes of THE LYING GAME air Mondays at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family. It’s a season of secrets, seduction, and life-and-death stakes, as our twins continue to expose the skeletons in their family closet. Emma and Ethan’s love is stronger than ever, but their relationship is tested by questionable motives and accusations. When Sutton disappears after the big blow-up in the cabin, and the police find the stolen Mercer car at the bottom of the lake, Emma and Ethan don’t know whether Sutton is missing or dead. Thayer keeps their secret…for now…but has his own motive for wanting to tear them apart. Meanwhile, Char’s aunt Annie has returned to town after many years, bringing back old memories and secrets that Alec and Ted would like to keep in the past. Charisma Carpenter has been added to the cast as a recurring guest star as Char’s aunt (role of Annie Rebecca Sewell).

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  1. While I agree with some of what the Time article on Netflix compared to Prospect Park says, the author fails to mention anything about Netflix's continuing financial struggles, which have been all over the business press during the last year. Just last week, the WSJ reported that Netflix will remain unprofitable during 2012, and they'll have to raise another $400 million in cash (apparently to go foward with purchasing expensive video content). Moreover, other moves this year have caused their stock price to fall 60%.

    Also, the author's suggestion that Prospect Park should have negotiated a deal to repurpose its newly-acquired soap operas on SOAPnet kind of shows a lack of research having been done on his part (or even ignorance of the genre), since we all know that no one will be showing anything on that cable channel in about a month.