Full Playlist Revealed For GLEE's Michael Jackson Episode

GLEE will air a Michael Jackson tribute episode on January 31. TV Guide has revealed the full 10-song playlist.

1. "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" — Blaine and group
2. "Rock with You" — Sebastian & Warblers
3. "Bad" — Artie, Santana, Blaine, Sebastian
4. "Scream" — Artie and Mike
5. "Never Can Say Goodbye" — Quinn
6. "Human Nature / Nature Boy" — mash-up of MJ and Nat King Cole — Mercedes & Sam
7. "Smooth Criminal" — Santana & Sebastian (with special appearance performance by 2Cellos)
8. "Ben" — Finn, Rachel & Kurt
9. "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" — Finn & Rachel
10. "Black or White" — Artie, Rachel, Kurt, Mercedes, Santana and the group

What do you think of the choices?

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  1. I read recently that a lot of the Glee cast is comprised of a lot of Broadway actors. It would make sense, assuming the vocal talent really is them.
    As it is, I like to see the shows actually on stage. I managed to find some Spiderman Broadway discount. I would expect to see some of that cast on Glee at some point!
    Another example would be How to Succeed tickets. For a few weeks, Darren Criss will be starring!