Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dimitra Arliss Dead at 79

Dimitra Arliss, who played a hired killer alongside Robert Redford and Paul Newman in the caper film "The Sting," has died in Los Angeles. She was 79.

In 1996, she appeared in GENERAL HOSPITAL as Helena Cassadine, the role made famous by Elizabeth Taylor, and played for the past 15 years (on and off) by Constance Towers. Arliss also appeared on DALLAS as Hatton, the nurse who gave Sue Ellen alcohol while she was in the sanitarium (pictured, April 6, 1979 episode).

Jaime Larkin, a spokesperson for the Motion Picture and Television Fund Hospital, says Arliss died Jan. 26 at the Woodland Hills facility of complications from a stroke.

The Ohio native began her acting career at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago. On Broadway, Arliss starred opposite Stacy Keach in "Indians" and with Kevin Kline and John Malkovich in "Arms and the Man."

After appearing as a "hit lady" in the 1973 hit "The Sting," she was seen in "Xanadu," starring Olivia Newton-John and Gene Kelly, and in Clint Eastwood's "Firefox."

Her numerous television credits include "Dallas," "Quincy M.E.," and "Rich Man, Poor Man."

Arliss is survived by a sister.

Below is a clip from her time on GENERAL HOSPITAL:


  1. I always remembered her Helena as creepy. And, weirdly enough, I was just looking her up on Google and IMDb on Thursday! Wanted to see if there was a pic of her as Helena for my GH Classic Tumblr blog. Bizarre timing!

    L.I.M. Ms. Arliss

  2. She was also in 'It's my party' with ONJ.