Thursday, January 26, 2012

Daytime Ratings: THE REVOLUTION 1.68 Million Viewers, Trounced By THE TALK; New Lows For GENERAL HOPSITAL

Daytime ratings for the week of January 16, 2012, are starting to come in. CBS issued a press release with news of THE TALK beating THE REVOLUTION.

From CBS:
THE TALK, CBS's daytime talk show, delivered its largest audience and women 18-49 ratings in nearly a year, according to Nielsen live plus same day ratings for the week ending Jan.20.

THE TALK averaged 2.39 million viewers and 0.9/05 in women 18-49, the best in both categories since the week ending Feb. 4. 2011.

Compared to the same week last year, THE TALK was up +12% in viewers (vs. 2.13m), +29% in women 18-49 (vs. 0.7/04) and +10% in women 25-54 (1.1/06 from 1.0/05).

In head-to-head competition, THE TALK also topped the premiere week of ABC's THE REVOLUTION by decisive margins in viewers and key women demographics. THE TALK out-rated THE REVOLUTION in viewers by +42% (2.39m vs. 1.68m), by +50% in women 18-49 (0.9/06 vs. 0.6/03) and by +38% in women 25-54 (1./06 vs. 0.8/04).

The lack of having ONE LIFE TO LIVE as a lead-in has already started impacting GENERAL HOSPITAL ratings. The show had an all-time low household rating of 1.6 and an all-time low number of Women 18-49 viewers (530,000). The non-ABC daytime soap operas were up in the ratings!

Total Viewers (From SON):
1. Y&R 5,061,000 (+274,000/-121,000) - versus last week/last year
2. B&B 3,471,000 (+137,000/+281,000)
3. DAYS 2,528,000 (+104,000/-191,000)
4. GH 2,209,000 (-348,000/-471,000)

- Daytime TV Ratings: Week Of January 9-13, 2012 - OLTL 3.85 Million on Friday, #2 in W18-49 Demo For Week


  1. Anne Sweeney really earned her paycheck when she cancelled OLTL! She's the best programmer in network history!

    That's called sarcasm!

    How is this not like the cancellation of Search for Tomorrow? A long running soap is cancelled by Brian Frons and replaced by crappy show that gets lousy ratings leading to its cancellation.

    Somewhere, the crew and cast of OLTL are laughing.

  2. At least WORDPLAY had a good first week before it tanked. :) THE REV is taking from day one.

  3. Man, it is so sad that there are hatchet men/hatchet women who go from network to network dismantling daytime dramas, rather than trying to build them up. Perhaps these individuals enjoy what they do but to me, this sounds like a singularly depressing enterprise!

  4. Wow GH is really tanking they won't change anything

    ...the stories are pretty much run of the mill ... its sad this once awesome show has been plagued with bad decisions, favoritism, & a slew of burnt out writers out shows. I hope Ron & Frank can salvage the wreckage of a once great soap. Ithink the worse thing to happen to this show is the triad of Frons/Guza/Phelps GH didnn't have a chance.

  5. General Hospital has been absolutely AMAZING this week!!! If ratings are down, it is because ABC doesn't PROMOTE it the way it should be promoted!!!! I do not understand why they are not promoted GH everynight during prime time!! They don't even promote during GMA or Jimmy Kimmel!!! It is so frustrating, because GH is a soap that even people who have never watched a soap before would LOVE. IT is filled with amazing and complicated characters ranging from cute,adorable and SO funny... to really intense and evil... and so BRILLIANTLY acted with touches of pure ART in all aspects of the show. I am really SAD that ABC doesn't promote it the way it should be promoted... why would people check out a show they've never watched before when they don't even know what it's about, who the characters are... it's ABC's JOB to SHOW them and BRING THEM OVER TO 2 pacific time, 3 eastern time...even if by way of DVR. Those at GH are DOING THIER job... giving us a BRILLIANT show!! Its way past time ABC did ABC's job and PROMOTED it to a prime time audience... bring in those MEN!! Bring in those people who have neveer watched a soap before and would LOVE GH, but don't KNOW they would love it, because they don't even know what it's about or who the characters are!!!!

  6. ABC dosen't promote it because ABC in their infinite wisdom wants to get rid of the soaps...period. Maybe with the ratings of the Revolution they will have to do something to promote what is tried and soaps. I wish all soap fans would unite. Support all soaps or we will lose them.

  7. If GH is hitting record lows it is not because of losing OLTL. It is because the show is lacking in depth, plausibility, and interest. There are a slew of new characters who look the same (NuKate, NuMaxie, the amnesia chick with Ethan...) The treatment of women is dismissive and reprehensible (the rape of Sam).

    They have already proudly publicized the death of Robin from AIDS. Where is the interest or drama in that? Murderers run free (Anthony Zaccara, Jason Morgan...), and lots of air time is dedicated to the death of characters we didn't care much about to begin with (Abbey, Siobhan.

    Meanwhile, the veterans that are still alive are continually on the backburner (Monica, Alexis, Mac...).

    In short, why in the world would any audience invest in any one these characters? Especially if they were AMC or OLTL fans, there doesn't seem to be ANY reason for someone to tune in aside from nostalgic hope from the past.

    Seriously, if there is any part of any story that people are still passionate about, PLEASE feel free to tell us what they are in specifics.

  8. Who would believe that the main story on GH is about the late Gino Solieto (a Zany/non threatening Mobster) from a cancelled show 15 yrs ago, 'The City'? Remember 'Port Charles' replaced the City! I Love the sense of History, but Most of GH fans never watched The City, so what's the point? I did catch a potential story that would honor GH History. Anthony mentioned his first wife,Dimitria. That was the name of Victor Jerome's mistress in 1988! Secretly, the only surviving member of the Jerome crime family is Lucas Jones! The adoptive Gay son of Bobbie. They have never revisited this story. GH would be so good if a Gay, Friendly Mobster took over and kept the peace more so that Sonny or Jason or Michael could.

  9. That's great ABC is reaping the low ratings I will not watch the talk, the chew and the revolution
    they all replace our beloved soaps I rather watch
    Fox's judge Joe brown then a little after 3p I tune
    in to GH right at 4p I block ABC until the next
    day after 3p.