Monday, December 12, 2011

WATCH: PRETTY Season 3 Continues... Miss Black Star Eyes Pageant -- Anthony Anderson, Brendan Bradley, Genie Francis & Denise Alexander & Terrell Ransom Jr!

PRETTY The series is back today with the fourth episode of Season 3. The Champagnes have entered Annette in the All New Miss Black Star Eyes Pageant in what may the funniest episode of the series to date.

Indie Soap Award winner Anthony Anderson from ANACOSTIA, Terrell Ransom Jr. from DAYS OF OUR LIVES, and Brendan Bradley from SQUATTERS guest star. Denise Alexander and Genie Francis continue their string of hilarious appearances as well.

Steve Silverman, Doug Prinzivalli and John Carrozza also appear. You'll have to watch multiple times to catch all the funny bits.

Watch the episode below.

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  1. This show is a treasure. Thanks for turning me on to it.