Monday, December 19, 2011

VOTE: Indie Soap & Couple of the Week Poll (December 11-17, 2011)

Which web series was your favorite last week? Support your favorite continuing drama or comedy and vote in the weekly We Love Soaps poll below. Voting ends Tuesday at 9 a.m. ET. Only the shows that aired one or more new episodes from December 11-17, 2011 are eligible. You can vote for your favorite "Couple of Week" as well for the eligible shows. VENICE won last week's poll with Gina and Ani from the show voted as the favorite couple.

If an indie soap aired this week and is not on the list, feel free to cast your vote as "Other" and add a note in the Comments section of this post.

Watch this week's indie soaps below:
- ANACOSTIA Season 3 Episode 3
- THE BAY Chapter 7 Part 3
- BROOKLYN IS IN LOVE Episode 5 "My Mistakes"
- THE CAVANAUGHS Episode 3.09 "Unsettled Scores"
- THE DIVISION Episode 2 "Genesis"
- HOW I SEIZE IT Episode 40 "Hannukah"
- HUSTLING Episode 5 "Now or Never"
- MY GHOST SISTER & ME "Christmas Special"
- OUR WORLD Episodes 50-52
- PARADOX "The Portrait of Abigail Sutherland" Episode Five - Silent Goodbyes
- PRETTY Season 3 Episode 4
- SUNDAYS Episode 6 "Old, New and Strange Acquaintances"
- VENICE Season 3 Episode 4 (Subscription)

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  1. I think that the Number 1 show and the best number 1 Couple is and should be 4 ever is Ani and Gina and the Venicetheseries..And even if I don't get the chance to watch all of the Episodes of the Venice..action speak louder than words:Translation:Ani and Gina stands out by they self because everthing that they do or touch or say it turns to Silver and Gold and they don't even have to be there or show up etc.And I think that the number one Couple in the top ratings and will always be no matter what is always gonna be Ani and Gina(crystal/jessica perfect)A song by the cheetah girls:it's called having girl power throw ur hands up if u think that you're a star! throw ur hands up and u know that you're a star! throw ur hands up and u know just who u are! girl power,girl power.

  2. I could vote 4 ever and ever about the best Couple.But in the back of my mind is always gonna be Ani and Gina my mind is gonna lead me right back to them and I've check out all of the other show's on the Youtube etc..but nothing that I saw had that Silver and Gold line Magic to catch the views eye or my eye's and the Attention etc.Im just being real about it and Im just keeping it real ok.And if they could put the Venicetheseries actress/actors into cartoons it still gonna out weight the other Ray Charles said in an ole Commercial U got the right 1 baby(do u believe in magic)U see Gina(Crystal Chappell) and Ani(Jessica Leccia) is just like Alice in wonderland and Cinderella and Snow white and the seven Dwarfs and the sleeping Beauty and all of the other good ole Princess that were created by Walt Disney it's magic it's the real thing with no string attach to it.

  3. All the way with the wonderful show with so much heart and soul: Brooklyn Is In Love!

  4. The bay, being a relatively new show is consistently introducing us to charachters who are obviously involved in all of these people's lives. In good ways, and in horrible ways. Obviously there are alot of secrets to come out and still seeems to be some time to figure out who our favorite characters are and why. They all seem to be very layered and ready to step onto TV without too much effort because their backstories have been explained in enough detail to create some very interesting story and character dynamics. Add the stellar cast who can make it all work through their amazing acting, their experience in this genre, and I don't doubt that this will work!! And you've got MBE.....nuf ced!