Friday, December 23, 2011

WATCH: The HoliBAYs -- 8 Special Holiday Episodes From THE BAY

On Thursday, THE BAY released the final two ‘HoliBAY’ special holiday webisodes.

Those visiting Santa in the final installment include Taylor Stanley and Kristos Andrews. Mother and daughter duo Jacklyn Zeman and Emmie Romanovich deliver the last of the mayor’s (Nicolas Coster) ’special’ gifts to Mary Beth Evans, Martha Madison and Ignacio Serricchio. Arlan Godthaab stars as the wise Santa!

Watch all eight installments of THE HoliBAYs below and let us know what you think.

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  1. How cute were those?! I wish other shows gave us little Holiday gifts like this! Just silly, campy, self-depricating fun! I love the stuff in everyone's stockings!

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed these! Very nice treat for the holidays. Loved the little insights to the characters. Nice gift for the fans. Thank you to The Bay!

  3. LOL! Loved it! Great Santa! Hats off to the folks at The Bay for spreading some holiday cheer. Much appreciated!