Saturday, December 31, 2011

Today in Soap Opera History (December 31)

On this date in...

1972: On THE EDGE OF NIGHT, Adam Drake (Don May) ran through the streets of Manhattan in an attempt to find and propose marriage to Nicole Travis (Maeve McGuire) by midnight.

1976: ANOTHER WORLD spin-off SOMERSET aired its last episode after a six year run. The show was canceled to make room for another P&G soap, LOVERS & FRIENDS.

1982: NBC daytime soap TEXAS aired its final episode after just over two years on the air. The show was a spin-off of ANOTHER WORLD with Iris (Beverlee McKinsey) moving to Houston. She would leave the show a year later when it became "TEXAS: The New Generation."

1982: THE DOCTORS ended its 18 year run on NBC, totaling 5280 episodes.

1983: Dorrie Kavanaugh, who played Cathy Craig Lord on ONE LIFE TO LIVE, died at age 38 after a battle with breast cancer. She also had roles on GUIDING LIGHT, RYAN'S HOPE, THE EDGE OF NIGHT and DARK SHADOWS.

1986: On AS THE WORLD TURNS, Lisa married again--this time to Earl Mitchell, the late Farley Granger. Did Shannon actually marry Brian as part of the double wedding? Watch below.

1990: The last day GUIDING LIGHT used the "My Guiding Light" theme. "Hold On To Love" debuted on the next episode.

1999: NBC's SUNSET BEACH aired its final episode just shy of its third anniversary.

Celebrating a birthday today are:
Ben Kingsley (ex-Ron, CORONATION STREET) - 68
Barbara Carrera (ex-Angelica, DALLAS) - 66
Tim Matheson (Brick, HART OF DIXIE) - 64
Jane Badler (ex-Diana, NEIGHBOURS; ex-Meredith, FALCON CREST; ex-Melinda, ONE LIFE TO LIVE) - 58
David Pevsner (Ross, OLD DOGS & NEW TRICKS) - 53
Joanna Johnson (ex-Caroline/Karen, THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL) - 50
Julian Stone (ex-Jerry, GENERAL HOSPITAL) - 49
Lance Reddick (Phillip, FRINGE; ex-John, OZ; ex-Matthew, LOST) - 42
Chandra West (ex-Devon, THE GATES; ex-Gail, 90210) - 41
Kamilla Bjorlin (ex-Evil Serpent, DAYS OF OUR LIVES) - 41

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  1. 29 years? Was it really 29 years ago that my beloved Texas last aired!?!?!?

    Wow. I still remember that show so well. I think I'll get out my tapes of those last episodes and relive the wonderful show.

    Texas was the first show that I had ever watched that got canceled. I didn't know they could do that. I always throught soaps went on forever, so it was a huge blow to me when it was canceled. I still miss those characters -- Reena, Lurlene, Ruby, Justin, Ashley, TJ, Grandma Kate, Aunt Mavis, Striker, Billy Joe, Stella Stanton

  2. In 1975, Edge of Night, paid homage to that 1972 plot where Adam had to propose to Nicole by midnight.

    Maeve McGuire returned as Nicole when the show transfered to ABC on Dec. 1, 1975. Nicole had been presumed dead in a boat explosion a year earlier and Adam was now involved with Brandy Henderson. Nicole was reluctant to let him know she was alive, back in Moticello and staying at the Whitney Mansion.

    But Adam found out she was alive on Dec. 31 and rushed to be reunited with Nicole just as the clock chimed midnight. It was a wonderful nod to the couple's history. Such a romantic moment him kissing her on the steps at the Whitney Mansion as 1976 rang in!

  3. I loved the ATWT's episode. Earl was my favorite husband of Lisa. Forgot Grant came back to give Lisa away. All the rich characters, Harriet\Shannon, forgot about that Emily. She didn't last to long then they got my favorite Emily in Melanie Smith. Ellen, gosh Chris G. needed to be horse whipped for not bring back Ellen and should have when Nancy died. HBS & GM was my favorite Tom & Margo. I love Justin & Margaret but fell in love with their version of T&M. Nice to watch with my coffee, thanks

  4. Thanks for your soap reactions, James & harlee490. I totally agree with both of you.

    I still miss all these wonderful classic shows--sigh!

    Brian :-)

  5. Don Diamont is definitely older than 47. I believe he's 49.

    Love the birthdays you post daily.

  6. Added the real birthdays for today. Whoops!

  7. For the Christmas-to-New-Year's week to be such a wonderful time of the year, that particular week has not always been so wonderful to soaps. Very sad!!

    Jane Badler was also on The Doctors, including on the linked YouTube sample.