Tuesday, November 29, 2011

WE LOVE SOAPS TV 3.25 RIVER RIDGE Post-Premiere Q&A Session

On Episode 3.25, Roger Newcomb and Kevin Mulcahy Jr. traveled to the Tribeca Film Center where WE LOVE SOAPS TV hosted the RIVER RIDGE premiere event. In the Q&A session following the screening, we spoke with Signy Coleman, Tyler Ford Beth Ehlers, Danielle DiLorenzo, Jon Prescott, Mark Doherty, Carrie Watt, Christina Jackson, Isabella Nolan and Seth Ford.

Watch the red carpet event below and let us know what you think.

Look for the post-show Q&A session with the cast coming soon.

- RIVER RIDGE Official Website
- PHOTOS: RIVER RIDGE Tribeca Premiere Event Hosted By WE LOVE SOAPS TV
- WE LOVE SOAPS TV 2.71 RIVER RIDE's Tyler Ford, Signy Coleman & Julie Pinson


  1. So the million dollar question is, when does this show start? They have been talking about it and building it up for months on end. Is there any planned release date?

  2. Seconded. I keep checking the website and nothing. The story sounds intriguing, and the cast is terrific, but eventually, people are just going to lose interest.

  3. Thank you, I have been waiting to see this because I couldn't watch live. That was a good question about when is it launching? We have been waiting for such a long time and so excited to see Beth Ehlers as I'm a big fan of her work. I tried some of the other web series to find and only I got hooked on was "Gotham" and it looks like it's not returning and not into the very campy type web shows. I know this is web soap is what I miss most about soaps. Hmmmm...this could be type of entertainment soap fans are craving with all soaps becoming extinct on network TV. Is there any news at all on the debut?