SOAPnet Thanksgiving Marathons - BROTHERS & SISTERS' Walkers On Thursday, GENERAL HOSPITAL's Lucky On Friday

SOAPnet will be airing two marathons during the Thanksgiving holiday. Thursday night will featured eight classic episodes of BROTHERS & SISTERS featuring the Walker clan. The marathon starts at 5 p.m. ET/PT ON Thursday, November 24.

GENERAL HOSPITAL's Lucky Spencer, son of super couple “Luke and Laura” is a true blend of his parents’ best qualities. He is sensitive and compassionate like his mother, with the charisma and romantic spirit of his father. Tune in on “Black Friday” for five hours of favorite Lucky episodes in “Lucky Friday,” from 7 p.m.-12 a.m. ON FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 25.

See the full list of episodes below:

Thanksgiving Day "Walker Family Thanksgiving" episodes airing Thursday, November 24 include:

5 p.m. – Episode #2006-021 – “Grapes of Wrath” – The Walkers gather at a party to celebrate Tommy and Holly’s new vineyard. Things go awry when Kitty mistakenly takes Kevin’s prescription pain pills, and the tension between Norah and Holly turns into a big food fight.

6 p.m. – Episode #2006-022 – “Favorite Son” – Tommy and Julia have to make a life and death decision for their premature newborn twins, while Sarah and Joe come to grips with the fate of their marriage; Robert proposes to Kitty.

7 p.m. – Episode #2006-023 – “Matriarchy” – Justin keeps the new date of his return to the Army a secret; when they bring their families together, Kitty and Robert’s engagement party turns to chaos; Rebecca confides in Justin about the truth of what happened with Joe.

8 p.m. – Episode #2007-024 – “Home Front” – Nora is desperate for news of Justin, who is serving in Iraq; Kitty’s birthday dinner with the family is a disaster; Sarah sleeps with Joe.

9 p.m. – Episode #2007-025 – “An American Family” – When Justin returns home from Iraq, decisions have to be made regarding how to treat his injuries due to his drug addiction.

10 p.m. – Episode #2007-026 – “History Repeating” – Julia admits to Tommy that she blames him for their son’s death; Kevin defends Scotty in a DUI case; Rebecca takes Justin out to try and ease his pain.

11 p.m. – Episode #2007-027 – “States of the Union” – Kitty and Sarah’s spa weekend isn’t what they’d envisioned when Nora worms her way in. However, things pick up when the three crash a wedding; Tommy shares some wine and whine with the new office manager, Lena.

12 a.m. – Episode #2007-028 – “Domestic Issues” – Kitty learns she’s pregnant, but is scared to tell anyone, including Robert; a shocked Sarah asks Kevin for help when Joe files for full custody of the kids.

"Lucky Friday" episodes airing Friday, November 25 include:

7 p.m. – Episode #1993-07828 (original air date 11/1/93) – When there’s an explosion at the Triple L Diner, Luke and Laura realize they’ve been discovered and activate their emergency plan. This sends young Lucky out of town on his own.

8 p.m. – Episode #1996-08524 (original air date 7/17/96) – Lucky is furious at Laura when she admits that the stranger who saved Lulu’s life is actually his brother, Nikolas.

9 p.m. – Episode #1998-09121 (original air date 11/11/98) – Luke holds Lucky hostage in a cabin while trying to work out their differences.

10 p.m. – Episode #1999-09229 (original air date 4/15/99) – Laura tells Lucky how proud she is of him; later, Lucky, Elizabeth, Emily and Nikolas share a special dinner at Kelly’s.

11 p.m. – Episode #2011-12266 (original air date 3/21/11) – Lucky has to break the news to Elizabeth that Jake is dead.

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