Wednesday, November 23, 2011

THE HoliBAY: The Curious Case of the Missing Turkey

THE BAY is normally an angst-filled drama following the lives of the dysfunctional Garrett family. But what about during the holidays? "THE HoliBAY: The Curious Case of the Missing Turkey" was released today and this drama series has suddenly become a situation comedy improv!

Feathers fly when several Bay City residents cross paths with Sara Garrett (MARY BETH EVANS) as she searches for the delectable dish, in this situation comedy improv Thanksgiving special.

Check it out below.

“THE CURIOUS CASE OF THE MISSING TURKEY” special also stars Martha Madison, Lilly Melgar, Ignacio Serricchio, Taylor Stanley, Jacklyn Zeman, RĂ©al Andrews, Derrell Whitt, Sandra Dee Robinson, Jade Harlow, Monica Thomas, Kristos Andrews, and Marie Wilson.


  1. LOLOL... I loved it! Great break form the drama. Amazing to see all the improv. I can't imagine how difficult doing improv would be. Loved the fight between Sara and Janice!

  2. How fun! A nice little holiday treat! LOVED the scene with Christine's "assasination" attempts! Too funny!!!!

    Thanks for the laughs, guys!

  3. Oh my -- I loved this! Such a nice treat to get to see them all playing a little comedy, making fun of the themselves a bit and just having a good time. Thank you, Gregori and team! Such a nice little Thanksgiving treat!

  4. Sara looking all over the place for her turkey...Tom?

    How DO you lose a turkey?

    The catfight was fun. Heck, it was all fun!

    Christine...Crazy Christine...her attempts to kill Vivian really had me laughing.

    Sara and Janice's cat fight was good fun too!

    And then that surprise at the end...

    How could you not just grin?

  5. That was absolutely hilarious the whole way through. Every single scene had me laughing so much. And the suprise ending was perfect. Well done to Gregori and the gang for giving Bay fans a fun holiday treat.

  6. I'm truly impressed and grateful that the cast and crew did this wonderful and hysterical episode for their fans,For me I thank you all and I wish The cast and crew a very Happy Thanksgiving.You all are wonderful and truly gracious to your fans!! You all were fantastic as always!!

  7. Absolutely loved it!! That was hilarious. Thanks for the laughs

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  9. It looked like the CAST was having fun, and that added to my enjoyment too.

    What a riot!

    And I heard there's gonna be a Christmas one too.

    I look forward to it.

    I wonder if they're compiling bloopers too?

  10. Hahaha, that was hilarious, loved it.
    Brilliant idea.
    Thanks to The Bay team for the laughs.

  11. Hilarious !! the cast is amazing . Each story shot brings so many good surprises !!!

  12. Terrific!!! The Bay just won over a part of me I didn't know I even had