Sunday, November 27, 2011

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: My Thoughts On The Reboot (Guest Editorial)

By Steve Ungrey

It has been almost two months since the much-anticipated reboot of DAYS OF OUR LIVES, otherwise known as Days 2.0, debuted to great fanfare.

Two months later, I’m still trying to make heads or tails of what I think of this new version.

The appointment of head writers Marlene McPherson and Darrell Ray Thomas Jr. heralded a new era in the direction of DAYS: An era where the writers promised they would listen to the fans, bring back old favorites, and write compelling stories.

So far they have accomplished two of the three. The writers definitely interact with the fans. Old favorites are back. The stories? Well, let’s just say their hearts are in the right place, but the stories are all over the map.

Since late September the reboot of DAYS has heavily focused on only a few characters:

* Matthew Ashford has returned as Jack, wanting to win back his wife Jennifer from the clutches of another man.

* Carrie and Austin are back in the guise of Christie Clark and Patrick Muldoon, originally as special guests of Bo and Hope to help open up the new Horton Town Square.

* John and Marlena are back (and welcome back, Drake Hogestyn and Deidre Hall!) to great fanfare on and off screen. The big story broke at the end of the first week when John was led away in handcuffs by the FBI for stealing from Basic Black’s pension accounts.

This has been an uneven period for the show because the drama factor didn't appear to be there at first. It has picked up as of late, but it was hard to get excited about much of the intrigue going on simply because there wasn’t a lot of it.

It also appeared as if McPherson and Thomas listened to the rantings of a few fans who wanted the focus to be solely on these legacy characters, at the expense of everyone else on the show. This is the big mistake DAYS has made. You can’t balance the show simply on the backs of five or six characters, not with a cast of 25-30 contract players. More on this later.

The stories so far have been served like warmed-over leftovers to the viewers. Once again, Sami is at odds with John. When will the audience realize Sami vs. John played out a long time ago? It was bad enough when James Reilly rewrote history to put Sami against John once again, but it just takes the character growth of Sami away. Don’t get me wrong; Alison Sweeney has been great as of late, if only because she’s finally getting something she can sink her teeth into after a few years. It just seems like I’ve seen this before.

Matt Ashford is and always will be one of my all-time favorites on D,AYS but so far his return has met with mixed reviews from me. It seems like he’s playing out the same story. Jennifer falls in love with someone else only to have Jack return to win back his wife. Why can’t Jack go out and have a little fun and make Jen realize she really does love the buffoon?

Listen, I’m always going to be a Jack/Jennifer supporter because of my roots watching the show during the supercouple years, but my motto is give me a good story. If it breaks up Jack and Jennifer for a while then so be it! That’s what good soap is all about.

Also: Why are we sitting through a story where EJ and Stefano appear to be controlling John? Why are we heading down a road where we know Carrie and Sami are going to be at each other’s throats? Are we watching 1996 DAYS? I better check the TV Guide and see what SEINFELD is about tonight.

The return of the veterans has thrown the cast chemistry in the air, in my opinion. The firings of Nadia Bjorlin, Louise Sorel and Crystal Chappell appear to have affected the ratings more than the powers that be let on. Chappell’s dismissal, in particular, was one of the biggest mistakes this show has made in recent memory. Bjorlin and Sorel deserved much better as well.

I’ve noticed over the reboot that many characters are being underused. How can we care about the show’s younger set when we don’t see them at least two or three times a week? With Casey Deidrick, Kate Mansi, Chandler Massey, Freddie Smith, Camilla Banus, etc., the show finally has a younger set that is stable and worth watching. It may be the best younger set the show’s had since Bjorlin, Jay Johnson, Jason Cook, Kirsten Storms and Farah Fath.

The show’s also decided, for whatever reason, to stick Melanie in this age group without a real story to play (as of yet, because it looks like that’s about to change). This is good news to me, because I’ve always liked Molly Burnett’s spunk and energy she brings to the role. She’s done a great job when given the right material to play, which hasn’t always happened. I feel the “egg” story wasn’t really necessary because Burnett and Suzanne Rogers already share a wonderful family-style chemistry, but the die is cast and I welcome Daniel, Maggie and Mel’s new-found closeness. I do wish, even though Eric Martsolf’s Brady is now engaged in what promises to be good storyline with Madison (the delightful Sarah Brown), that the show would revive the big brother/little sister camaraderie Brady and Mel shared. It’s almost like they don’t know each other anymore, and that’s too bad.

Right now, there really isn’t much for some actors to play on DAYS. Where is Lauren Koslow? Ari Zucker? Joe Mascolo? I realize these people are on, but lately their appearances have been fewer. It seems like actors disappear for long stretches at a time. Is it just me? Look, I’m not saying certain characters have to be on five days a week. Just find a way to get the vets three days a week or so, and give the newer characters a good chunk of airtime, and you might have a happier fanbase all around. Then again, this is DAYS, who am I kidding?

I’ve saved my biggest rant for last. Why, why, why does the show have to go down the road of EJ and Sami once again? After everything EJ has done to harm Sami (and don’t get me wrong… I cannot stand EJ but I LOVE James Scott’s marvelous performances) the two of them somehow end up together. Of course we now know Will saw it, just like Sami saw John and Marlena all those years ago.

I love the reference to history, but to me the “leftovers” comment comes to mind here.

I do have a couple actors on my wish list if the show does invite returns in the future (paging Bryan Dattilo, your on-screen son needs you! Mark Hapka, report back to DAYS stat!), but for now it looks like this is the hand we’re being dealt.

It will take an awful lot for me to give up my daily habit of DAYS. This is the last remaining soap I’ve watched for a long time, and even on its worst days the show still feels like home.

If DAYS can build the home a little bigger and make everyone feel welcome, this reboot just might work. Until then, I have the feeling something is missing.

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  1. Great article, Steve. You hit right out of the ball park.

  2. I disagree with some of views. I'm currently a brand new viewer of DOOL always being a die hard CBS fan and now 2 of shows were cancelled I have been looking for alternative. I was starting to got hooked on AMC and started to watch OLTL for Kim Zimmer. But AMC is now going nowhere and don't get me started on OLTL, I'm not a fan of Ron C. and his style of writing and stopped watching how they wrote Kim Zimmer, she's a 4 time Emmy winner and feel they didn't use her talents at all. I've turned off about a month ago. I feel Days has been doing character driven stories that soaps have gotten away from in last 5-7 years and Days is pure enjoyment. I'm liking Jennifer & Daniel as couple, loving Maggie & Victor. I don't mind the "egg" story, for one it's classic soap telling and there will always be more to the story because of Victor's involvement. I'm absolutely in love with EJ & Nicole, (new version of sorts of Roger & Holly). I love the mystery involving Alice. I feel you aren't completely fair about something missing, I'm finding it very enjoyable. Pacing been somewhat dragging but with a reboot like this, it will honestly take 5-6 months to full have all the stories up and running at full speed. I have patience. A friend once told me that soap fans of their favorite shows also carry the baggage of their beloved show, and viewing a show with new eyeballs doesn't carry the baggage. This is so true. I'm sick of doppelgangers, mob, animals talking, Law & Order wannabes, soaps now don't do human interest, social and especially romance story telling now and that is what's killing soaps. I so enjoy the episode Classic Soaps had for Thanksgiving, and like the other DVDs I order these to add to my collection. Just waiting for my
    GL. My lone soap I still have on CBS is Y&R and I stopped watching back in June. I would return in hot NY minute if MAB and cronies were fired.

  3. I am a new viewer so I LOVE the EJ & Sami story.......their missing son and chemistry made for riveting viewing.
    I also love the chemistry between Madison and Brady. What can I say about Sarah Brown (they are lucky to have her.
    Once again I am a new viewer and I cannot stand Jack and Jennifer. Their chemistry seems weak and pale next to the other characters I mentioned. It is interesting how different longtime viewers see these couples.

  4. I have to say that I disagree with most of your commentary. I watched Days my whole life, but off and on during the 2000's, and since the reboot, I haven't been this excited about Days in a long time! I love everything about it! I especially love EJ and Sami- their passion and chemistry makes them one of the best soap couples! You are entitled to your opinions about the show, but I disagree. I love Days and can't wait to watch all of the story lines play out :)

  5. Hey guys! I appreciate your comments so far. The EJ/Sami plot falls under my "give me a good story" umbrella. I don't like the pairing but if it's going to mean mucho fallout down the road then bring it on, right?

    It's also clear I wrote this review just as the action was heating up. Stay tuned, and thanks for the comments.

  6. I don't know, Steve. I think you're throwing in the towel too soon. Ever since the John gets shot at/Johnnie goes missing story, it seems Days is finally picking up. And I planned to stay tuned.

    I'm really intrigued with where the Alice/Stephano connection is going. And it does seem as if we're getting those umbrella stories we were promised. Also, I have to say Marlene and Darrell are making good use of history. And given the incredible chemistry between EJ and Sami, I want to see these two heat up the screen some more. Madison is a bit of a drag to me. I'm not feeling that character yet, but, overall, I'm really excited for the show - finally!

  7. I think I agree with just about 100% of this article. Days just falls flat for me. They fired the characters I cared about and bought back one I couldn't care less about. But even that I could get past with really good writing, but the reboot took away everything that made me fall in love with the show in the first place. Where's the epic romance, adventure, danger, damsel in distress and hero's??? The show is positively dull, which is sad because I still see soooo much potential.

    And oh yeah... the Ej/Sami thing? NOT feeling it. I can see the new viewers liking it because I admit AS and JS have great chemistry but as someone who has sat through the Ejami train wreck for the last x amount of years I can say parts of me are disgusted. The same way I was disgusted at Ej manipulated Sami into having sex with him in order to save her husbands life. Oh and when he repeatedly took their children even going so far as to make her believe they were dead and when she shot him in the head... need I go on?

    But on a more positive note, I LOVE Dannifer and interested in Bradison. I like the Mel/Maggie relationship but more so if they weren't related. And like I said, I like the potential I see in the show... I just wish the writers would capitalize on it.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Writers give me something good to watch!

  8. I like some parts of the reboot my major problem with it has been the dialogue writing is sooo bad it sounds like the same conversation over and over again specially between Dan, Jack and Jen.
    I think the Sami/EJ thing was done well. The shame they both experienced afterwards was very well acted and written. Of course, this only works if it DOES NOT become an affair. If it's something they both feel true remorse for. Sami and EJ work dramatically pushing each others buttons but EJ and Nicole work as a couple. They were never boring even while married.
    I WANT to like Madison but there's not much meat there. Ironlcally, my have Madison scene was the insta friendship with Nicole.
    Why bring Quinn back? I too want more Stefano snark. Marlena and John should not be leads, the audience has moved on to accept them as supporting. Carrie and Austin....they're superfluous.

  9. Yeah..Sami will be pregnant as a result of the grief/passion between her and EJ.

  10. Interesting article. I wish they'd just lose Melanie all together, but I guess she's got her fans. I think the egg story is an epic fail.

    Jack and Jennifer are my all-time favorite couple, and I cannot even believe that anyone even cares about a thrown together pair like D/J, but I guess SC is really hot or something; however, I do think the show or Melissa Reeves' portrayal (sorry, MR!) is not doing right by Jack and Jennifer so far. I hope that changes. I don't want them quickly united; I want a nice tension-filled story, but show newer viewers that unique and wonderful Jack and Jennifer magic, please! Jennifer is so poorly presented right now that I hardly recognize her, and she barely resembles the character I've long loved. Make her fight for Jack again, Days! That was the good stuff.

    I think feeding the fan base wars is very bad for Days, but it seems the show is hellbent on it now. I've already stopped caring who Sami's with at the given moment. Too much jerking me around. Too little sense of who it is that Sami really loves. I'd hate to see that happen with Jack and Jennifer over a bland character like Dr. Jonas.

  11. The biggest mistake was to let go of Nadia Bjorlin/Chloe.She has one of the biggets fanbases on this show:Chloe,Broe,Phloe,Danloe,Luloehell, even Quinnloe and Carloe fanbases.She also is a an extremely talented actress,drop dead gorgeous and smoking hot young her firing sure did affect the rating.Just like Im sure that Crystal Chappel's firing as well did.Bring back Nadia/Chloe and Crystal/Carly.I want Chloe back,see her make Quinn, Daniel and Kate pay for everything they put her through.Especially Daniel.He sucks yet we are supposed to believe he's God's gift to women,he's perfect,.blablablabla....

  12. Oh, Imane. Enough already.

  13. I agree with the article, especially about Jack and Jennifer. Daniel and Jennifer are so unbelievable as a couple , but they keep shoving them down our throats. And I agree with the response that they should bring Chloe back and knock Dan off his pedestal!!He was awful to her.

  14. I agree with some and some I don't.

    Until Ej and Sami's fight, the show was pretty staid.

    Marlena's overwrought reaction to John while having little to no reaction to her daughter pretty much left me no longer caring.

    I'm interested in the mystery between Alice and Stefano, Will, Jack (JACOLE!).

    I don't think of "leftovers" I think more that this is stuff that should have been addressed instead of just ignored when Higley came on board.

    Will I continue to be happy with DAYS? I dunno, but right now, I'm happier than I have been in the last three years.

  15. I think the show is going okay, but I still think they have robbed my generation. We are the generation that grew up with Shawn and Belle, Phillip, Chloe and Mimi. By removing all of them, it removed part of the fan base. They have yet to fix this. And as for the younger generation storylines, none of them can hold the attention the way Nadia, jason and Kirsten did. It's impossible.

  16. Great article, Steve. I may not agree 100% with what you say, but I agree with a whole lot of it. For me the first 2 weeks of the reboot were great. Then it seemed to settle not so much into a groove as a rut. Stories were launched from very contrived circumstances (though this all won't matter once the stories really get up and running) and there did seem to be a lot of instances of characters, like John and Marlena, basically having the same conversation day after day.

    Don't get me wrong, I am enjoying the show. But some feel the show is "on fire" and doing everything right. Part of me wonders if it's a case of being so excited about the reboot and the return of beloved characters, that it's just easy to overlook or turn a blind eye to what isn't working. As a soap fan, I know I have certainly been known to do this with my shows.

    But that's just my opinion, and I am thrilled for viewers who are just loving everything they are seeing. I think the last week or so did pick up noticeably, so I'm hopeful. I'm a bit concerned about ratings. OLTL managed to grow ratings AND sustain them. Days doesn't seem to have held on to any of the gains they got from the first week of the reboot.

  17. While I agree with most everything in the article, I object to referring to Jack as a buffoon. Jack was turned into a buffoon by writers years ago but that is not the man Jennifer fell in love with. Jack is a very complex character whose humor comes from his insecurites about himself. The current writers wanted a triangle between Jack/Jennifer/Daniel so they manufactured a relationship between Jennifer and Daniel in a matter of months, at the expense of Jennifer's character. Her unsympathetic and critcal attitude towards Jack is completely out of character. With the exception of the cabin scenes, the character is like a stranger to me. An unwelcome one. It's no wonder the new viewers do not understand why Jack and Jennifer were a supercouple, the writers wanted it that way for the sake of their triangle storyline.

  18. I disagree with the article--Days is so hot again!! I have watched my whole life, and I am so excited every day to watch The stories are kicking into gear and anything with EJ is great becasue of the incomparable James Scott. having Will see EJ and Sami was great because of Sami seeing John and Marlena all those years ago. Chandler Massey is hitting it out of the ballpark. as for the firings, only Louise Sorel was a stupid mistake--they should get her back. As beautiful as Nadia Bjorlin is, she is a very flat actress. Chrystal Chappell is a very good actress, but they didn't write appealing stuff for her to allow the audience to like Carly.

  19. It is so easy for posters "to be Anonymous" and spout off hiding behind the no log in to comment which (most of time to bitch) I personally think WLS should change that if you want to comment. Just because new viewers aren't gravitated towards J&J and happen to actually like J&D the new viewers don't understand. I realize J&J were a super couple (buying SOD originally in the day) but doesn't mean they have to throw them immediately together. The end game will probably be J&J and with the Jack's story coming up is probably why they haven't reunited them as couple. As I understand Jack has left Jennifer many times high and dry. I disagree with Steve on about 75% of the article but some things he was right. I find minor flaws but "leftovers" I don't see. To some that say the reboot was completely failure the Anonymous whiners will never be happy they enjoy causing conflict. Guest Editorial is IMHO nothing more then posting your opinions like the ones here that show there SIGN IN names to express a view. I give kudos to posters & editorials who will log in and post there thoughts. Once again WLS should make people log in to post, and if other people what to comment on a certain poster they could. But being Anonymous is cowardly. What are we suppose to do @ Anonymous?

  20. I totally agree with every word you said. I still feel like there's too much EJ as well. I feel like you that the show is going backwards and I want it to go forward and give me something new.
    I am completely disappointed that the reset hasn't given me reason to tune in everyday.

  21. I'm still in wait and see mode. While EJ and Sami's interaction got me excited, I still have misgivings about Days in general. It has nothing to do with who is featured on screen but everything to do with lack of commitment to storytelling, not necessarily with these new writers, but just what I've experienced over the years with this show. I see potential for so many good storylines right now - EJ and Sami and the fallout, Will's coming out, Alice's secret and who is connected to it and the part Hope and Bo play, Jack dealing with his PTSD, etc., but quite frankly I'm kind of leery of investing again. I won't lie, I watched the past two weeks and enjoyed it immensely -- dramatically, the show was firing on all cylinders. Ali Sweeney and James Scott did exceptional work. Still, I find it hard to trust that this show is moving in a direction where in the end, I'll be happy that I went along for the ride.

  22. I agree with the points you list as drawbacks of the “reset”, however they are the same mistakes that Days has been making for the past few years that created the low ratings and caused the need for a “reset” in the first place. There was already an overkill of certain characters and there is still an overkill of those same characters – EJ, Rafe, Sami, Melanie and Daniel. John & Marlena may have been added to the mix of the overused characters but the problem already existed. And while I agree that I would like to see more Kate and Nicole (and Brady, Maggie and Victor), it isn’t “since the return of the vets” that they started being underutilized in favor of characters that hold no interest to me – it was already happening. I don’t see the show focusing exclusively on legacy characters, I see it focusing on the very same characters it’s focused on for the last few years and now those characters have a few new legacy characters on board that are being used to prop them. John & Marlena and Carrie & Austin were never favorites of mine and I didn’t care if they returned or not but the stories aren’t about them, they are still all about the same EJ/Sami/Rafe trio that doesn’t work no matter what other characters are in the mix. Daniel benefits from both Jack & Jennifer and Maggie & Victor. And then there’s Melanie. Melanie’s entire existence on the show has been being stuck into places she doesn’t belong with no story purpose – what’s new about that. While I agree that Louise Sorrel, Crystal Chappell and Nadia Bjorlin aren’t the actors I would have cut either, the ratings didn’t take a hit from it… the ratings started falling in the spring of 2010 when Days made the last attempt at an EJ/Sami pairing and have never made a significant or lasting rebound since. I agree that pairing has never paid off in the ratings, and I agree with most of the other problems you point out as existing for Days. I’m just saying those problems didn’t start in September. But don’t misunderstand me as defending the new writers. In fact, I think you’ve been way too kind to them. They may not have started the problems at Days but they are rapidly exasperating them. They lied about listening to fans as evidenced by their statements in the latest SOD article and by their rude interactions on twitter. They only want to hear “positive” feedback, so here it is: I’m positive that the new writers are a disaster and that the “reset” is a complete failure.

  23. I like what you said about Jack/Jen. If it means breaking them up means a good story, than so be it. They should do that with Bo and Hope. Far more fans don't care for them anymore. They lost their magic; Their spark, and if they need to be broken up for good to finally get a good story then Corday really needs to let them go. GH did that with Luke and Laura, its time to put BOPE in the grave and leave them in peace... (Ratings were so much higher when Bo was with Carly. Shoot their break up got a 2.1 rating when the 3rd BOPE renewal got only a 1.6. That speaks the truth right there!)

  24. Ej and Sami are the only exiting thing on this show, the actors playing them have one of the best chemistry i have ever seen on a television show..i don't get why TPTB never pair them, it is such a shame..whereas they try them again and again with some boring irrelevant characters (and it is an insult to compare Ej and Nicole to the iconic Roger and Holly..and if you know some Roger and Holly story you should know that Ej and Sami are so much more like them)..and Ej and Sami are certainly NOT the pairing who damage the most the ratings, a couple doesn't make ratings..and for the record the ratings where it was played out some lame romance between Ej and Nicole or Rafe and Sami were at their LOWEST...just for the record..

  25. Nadia Bjorlin is one of the bests actresses on this show.She never overdoes,overacts.Always spot on in her acting.She's the one who most suffered from the writing because they gave her almost nothing to work with and wrote her charcater totally out of character..And the very few meaty material she got since her return in 2007,(the Hysterical pregnancy,PPD,suicide attempt,losing her baby)she so delivered,knocked it out of the park.Her preformances were flawless.Nadia can deliver anything she's asked to because she is one hell of an actress.And you should watch her on the webseries VENIDE.She kkills it,she's exceptional.When you have a beauty and talent like Nadia Bjorlin you don't let her go without losing a huge fanbase..You write for her sls worthy of her talents.But the former and new writers aren't up to the challenge.Nadia is too good for this crap.I'll want her back only if they can actually use her many talents and give us back the real Chloe Lane,not DH's version that the new writers finished the job of destroying Chloe Lane

  26. The ej and sami storyline is a great on im not a new viewer so ive seen them from the minute ej dropped his towel infront of Sami. People seem to forget that sami isnt some an innocent. She has done messed up things in the pass like drugging austin and taking advantage of him.

  27. I argee with the poster that said this:

    "I think the show is going okay, but I still think they have robbed my generation. We are the generation that grew up with Shawn and Belle, Phillip, Chloe and Mimi. By removing all of them, it removed part of the fan base. They have yet to fix this. And as for the younger generation storylines, none of them can hold the attention the way Nadia, jason and Kirsten did. It's impossible."

    So true, they have completely cut out this group of fans from the show. How can you not have Shawn, Belle, Mimi, Philip and Chloe on the show, they were such a big part of Days and a lot of fans loved them.

  28. Hey everyone... thank you so much for all the comments so far. I do think this current younger cast is the most talented since the days that Nadia, Kirsten, Farah, Jason and Jay were around, but we haven't seen much of a chance to know what they're capable of doing.

    In particular, I think Kate Mansi has especially stood out (her scenes with Matthew Ashford have been rock solid), but she suffers from the same "balance" problem that affects much of the show's cast. When Days gets tunnel vision and focuses on one story much of the cast simply disappears for several days. If you're not a fan of what's on screen you're pretty much stuck.

  29. I agree with some points regarding Jack and Jennifer. While carefully oberving a few videos on Jack's competitor, Daniel, I just wonder what fans of his think he is so great for it was only several years ago that he was having an affair with Chloe who seems to be young enough to be his daughter? Apparently she was still married to Lucas (another great character) while these 2 were committing adultery, it's interesting to find Jennifer so torn between 2 meb. I agree that Jack should walk away because the way he is being treated, Jennifer needs to thank her lucky stars to have a man like Jack because it seems very bizarre that Danny boy would get jealous over the infidelity his own wife committed with his own daughter's husband. After all wasn't Dan old enough to be her father?

    I guess Dan never shared that little secret with Jennifer? So that's what we define as being a stable man Dr. Dan???

    While all this time Jack has only had eyes for Jennifer. Why should he have to take some of the abuse that she delivers? Right now he deserves better treatment than this. No one seems to point out Jennifer's short comings such as her being able to admit to her own flaws of which she has many herself.

    So no I would not expect any instant reunion between them since she also needs to work out her quirks.

  30. I agree with most of this article. As a long time viewer of Days I have been extremely disappointed in the reboot. I was already disappointed when my favorites were let go just to bring back worn out stories.

    I still continued to watch and have enjoyed Daniel/Jennifer and even Jack in the mix just as long as they don't throw J&J back together like Daniel never existed. And Brady/Madison have been enjoyable. The actors have great chemistry and are fun to watch.

    I have enjoyed some EJ/Nicole even though I don't root for the pairing but EJ/Sami I just can't go there. The shooting in the head was the last straw for me.

    The whole Alice had secrets I am over. I didn't like it in the beginning and its NOT growing on me. I actually feel like I am watching some sad story of kids playing cops and robbers with Bo and Hope. I do like the scenes with Dan/Mel/Maggie but the whole egg story really bored me.

    I am now to the point that I MIGHT catch some stuff on YT if I hear about something good but other then that I don't make it a point to actually turn on the TV and watch the show. I just have better things to do with my time then to be bored. This isn't to say that I will never tune back in but as of right now I can do without.