Monday, November 14, 2011

NEWS ROUNDUP: J.R. Martinez DANCING Results, Cady McClain On Prospect Park, Olympic Torch Will Appear In EASTENDERS

J.R. Martinez Describes Falling in Love With His Best Friend
It took a while for J.R. to woo his current girlfriend, Diana Gonzalez-Jones, on the set of ALL MY CHILDREN.

He tells ACCESS HOLLYWOOD, “We were friends, and, you know, it was a workplace, so you don’t want to cross the line. I was respectful of that, and for about two years we were great friends. Finally, something happened, something clicked, and I just said, ‘[Do] you ever look at me differently than just a friend?’” he continued, with a shy smile. “And she kind of paid attention to it, and here we are! It’s great.”

DANCING WITH THE STARS Results: J.R. Martinez in third place
Final totals for the night: Ricki and Derek 67, Rob and Cheryl 65, J.R. and Karina 56, Hope and Maks 49.

Cady McClain on Prospect Park: "We have to be somewhat forgiving about how they do things and their lack of understanding"
"Just a note: as far as I know, PP did not contact ANY actors until AFTER the show wrapped. Why? I do not know. Who they asked and in what order was a surprise to some, but not to all. I think this is such a new venture for them that we have to be somewhat forgiving about how they do things and their lack of understanding of what many of us know to be 'what makes a soap work.' At least they tried... and are still trying. It's got to be a HUGE learning curve and of course they are going to want to put their own stamp on it."

CORONATION STREET's Sue Nicholls: "A Corrie fan saved my life after they spotted a dark mole on my arm"
The 67-year-old actress – a regular on the show for 32 years – is used to receiving her fair share of unusual fan mail. So when she was shown an email from an anonymous viewer warning her that a dark mole they had noticed on her arm could be something more sinister, she thought little of it.

Yet today Sue acknowledges that the viewer may just have saved her life. The blemish turned out to be the first stages of melanoma.

London 2012 Olympic Torch to be carried through Albert Square in EASTENDERS
A new stop on next year's Olympic Torch Relay has been announced - the fictional London Borough of Walford, the setting for the BBC soap opera, EASTENDERS.

The Torch Relay route will travel through Albert Square on July 23, 2012, passing iconic landmarks such as the market, the launderette and The Queen Vic as it makes its way through London to the Olympic Stadium for the Opening Ceremony on July 27.

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