Sue Lloyd Has Died At Age 72

Legendary actress Sue Lloyd passed away on October 20 at the age of 72.

The actress was best known for her role as Barbara Hunter in hit ITV soap, CROSSROADS.

“My initial reaction was to be a bit sniffy about it – it was renowned for bizarre storylines and wobbly scenery,” but just 12 months after being approached later she finally made her CROSSROADS debut. She was introduced to viewers of the infamous Birmingham-produced soap in 1979, playing Barbara Brady, a doctor’s housekeeper who was really a romantic novelist carrying out research.

Her niece, Joanna Mitchell told the Telegraph: 'Sue suffered with her health in recent years, but she never complained.

DYNASTY's Joan Collins took to her Twitter page to pay tribute to the star, with whom she worked with in the seventies.

"Sad 2 hear of death of Sue Lloyd. Worked with her on Stud & Bitch. Had 2 get drunk to do nude pool scene in Stud - almost drowned laughing"

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