Monday, October 3, 2011

THE REVOLUTION Adds Ty Pennington As Co-Host

ABC Daytime announced Monday that Ty Pennington will join Tim Gunn and Harley Pasternak in THE REVOLUTION, premiering in January 2012, replacing ONE LIFE TO LIVE.

Much like THE CHEW, which was in pre-production for a year, it seems like ABC is not happy with another show leading up to its debut and is changing the cast to try and make it more palatable to viewers.

Pennnington, host of ABC's EXTREME MAKEOVER: HOME EDITION, will join THE REVOLUTION as it explores health and lifestyle transformations with Gunn and Pasternak. The show, which will cover all areas of the audience's lives including family, physical and emotional health, is produced by 3Ball Productions, with JD Roth and Todd Nelson as executive producers.

"Ty's passionate and deep connection to everyone he helps makes him the perfect choice to join THE REVOLUTION," said Brian Frons, president, Daytime, Disney/ABC Television Group, in making the announcement. "The energy he brings with him is an excellent complement to our previously named hosts, Tim Gunn and Harley Pasternak. Our goal is to include inspiring and informative motivators as we build The Revolution team and continue to evolve our lineup with the type of lifestyle programming that daytime viewers are interested in seeing."

Last week, THE CHEW saw decreasing ratings every day of the week. ABC continues to promote the show throughout their daytime and primetime schedule.

On CBS, THE TALK has undergone a massive makeover as well since it replaced AS THE WORLD TURNS last year.

Will any of these shows create an impact of any kind on television history like ONE LIFE TO LIVE, ALL MY CHILDREN or AS THE WORLD TURNS did over many decades? It's doubtful. But the networks only care about the bottom line.


  1. Frons could add one of the most beloved TV personalities (Betty
    White) to this stinker of a show
    and it will still bomb...just as
    THE CHEW is doing.

    This is called KARMA, people.

    Rock on-line, ONE LIFE and AMC!!

  2. Well as much as I love Ty the only revolution I want to see is abc going down on Frons and sweeny's heads.How dare they try and tell me ANYTHING!! Like they know how to do anything. The bottom line is abc has lost millions of viewers and goodwill which by the way is listed as an asset on the balance sheet (financial papers)which translates into less sponsor dollars and faith which REALLY screws up their bottom line. If they had kept the soaps and had quit trying to kill them then they had a goldmine....but stupidity, greed, and short sightedness is leading them to ruin. Boycott abc and sos!!!!!

  3. First, Ty Pennington, run for the hills! You will only lose people that love you for going on a soap replacement (Soap people love Extreme Makeover). Secondly since the day AMC went off the air I make sure not to even get close to the ABC channel from 1pm-2pm and now watch Days (and will watch AMC online). I will be doing the same when OLTL goes off the air, as many have done and will do.

  4. I love Ty but I will not watch this show. I do not watch "the chew". ABC killed their daytime line-up. GH is the only thing I watch now on daytime ABC.

  5. I smell desperation! ABC is realizing the mistake they made with the Chew. They will NEVER admit it! Now they are going to do all they can to help the Revolution. NOT HAPPENING ABC!!!

  6. HAH, platable to viewers? In place of One Life to Live? You never EVER replace a soap with anything. Soaps ARE Daytime TV. Period! Bye Bye Revolution!