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OPINION: A Heatwave Hits HART OF DIXIE On And Off The Screen Thanks to Wilson Bethel

There almost aren't words for this week's episode of HART OF DIXIE. A heatwave was running through Bluebell. The heat makes people do a lot of very funny things. Relationships were being tested left and right. People were on the brink of making one mistake after another but none of these plot twists compares to the most epic portion of this episode: Wade as played by the god damn how he is so hot Wilson Bethel was shirtless for nearly the entire episode.

I enjoy the view of an attractive man with his shirt off as much as the next thirty-something gay man but GOD DAMN there was something about Wilson Bethel's Wade that put me over the edge. That Bluebell heatwave was permeating right through the TV. Full disclosure this will not be the last time that I reference a shirtless Wade but there are lots of other good things going on in this episode for your viewing pleasure in case the sight of a gorgeous man half naked in the throes of a heatwave is not your cup of tea. The heatwave served as the perfect catalyst to rev up the stories that had been put in place from the pilot episode. Oh and Wade was shirtless. Did I forget to mention that?

Zoe is not quite ready to experience her first Bluebell heatwave. First of all she needs to lose the tight little black dress that she is wearing. Lavon and Wade are shirtless and in shorts. If it's that hot then you need to not be in that black dress Zoe. They regale Zoe with a tale of the infamous Bluebell heatwaves. They actually look forward to it. I would look forward to Wade without a shirt. The town uses the heatwave as a free pass which Zoe is not interested in. She correctly deduces that free passes always come with consequences. But watching Zoe and Wade flirt throughout this entire scene made me giddy with delight. As if she read my mind, Zoe poured a pitcher of water over Wade's head before she left. I don't know what it was watching that guy with the water dripping down his face but it worked for me. Yes it did. 

Lying in bed with George all Lemon can talk about is his parents upcoming visit. She is obsessing over every detail including the fact that George's mother thinks that she is too high strung. If you're obsessing over it that much then George's mother is probably right. At least her nightgown isn't yellow. She is aware that there are other colors in the rainbow. Later at the medical practice, George brings in Fiona and Polly Parker who have been fighting over their mother's will. They have to be separated so Zoe takes Fiona to take a look at her. Zoe and George are having some hardcore eye sex. It makes my heart skip a beat a little. I'm torn over where I think Zoe's heart should go. George or Wade, George or Wade? I just don't know! After George leaves the practice, Dede tracks him down to ask for a half day. Dede talks an awful lot. Dede talks so much I would probably beg her for a moment of silence but as a TV character she is endearing. Being the adorable man that he is, George calls Lemon to tell her that the office will be closing early tomorrow so that Dede can get ready for her date with Lavon. George thinks that Lemon will be over the moon since he'll be able to help get everything ready for dinner with his parents. In actuality, she is fuming mad because her fiance's assistant is going out with a man that she is probably in love with. I guess that wouldn't have been the best way to explain to George what her problem was. 

We're right back to a shirtless shot of Wade as Zoe watches him in the lake take his shirt off and go for a very seductive swim. It's obviously Zoe's fantasy. It's obviously anyone with a pulse's fantasy. At dinner, George's mother does everything that she can to undermine Lemon. Wanting to prove that she can go with the flow as much as the next person, Lemon is all for George's mother's suggestion that they go out to eat even though Lemon has been slaving away in the kitchen during a heat wave. She desperately wants to show that she can be spontaneous. She also desperately wants to drive me crazy because she is wearing YELLOW to dinner. STOP WITH THE YELLOW! Once they get to the restaurant, Lemon comes face to face with Lavon and Dede on their date. That's not awkward for her at all. 

Back at the practice, Wade comes in to have Zoe look at a cut on his chest. Zoe ushers him to the exam room and Shelly, there looking for a cure for a hangover, tries to get Zoe to make a move on Wade. She insists that he likes Zoe. Zoe finally starts exhibiting that brain power we know she all has when she starts to consider making that move. Somehow the scene of Zoe bandaging up Wade's is edited to look sexy. When we see the two of them it's completely normal but when they cut to his torso it's glistening with sweat, the lighting is dimmed. This should not be sexy. It just shouldn't be and yet I dare anyone to watch that and not say there was some sex appeal there.

Back at dinner, Lemon can't focus because she is so distracted by Lavon. I, on the other hand, can't focus on anything but what appears to be a big coat worn by George's mom. Even if the restaurant is air conditioned why would you put on a coat during a heatwave in Alabama? Lemon can't sit and watch Lavon anymore so she excuses herself only to quickly be followed by Lavon. Lavon accuses Lemon of sabotaging his date and then they just look at each other. There is a whole lot of yearning going on between these two. I wanted to jump one of them just to ease the tension. They looked like they wanted to devour each other. Instead Lemon ran into the bathroom. Back at dinner everyone seems to be on edge as Lemon and George's mom disagree about what Lemon should be eating and Brick and George's dad start to get into it over their opposing views on football to the point of bringing Lavon over to settle their differences. Lemon is about ready to start throwing cutlery. Brick invites Lavon and Dede to join them for dinner. Why would two people on a date want to join you for dinner? Lavon agrees only to make Lemon more uncomfortable. You know who the real victim here is? Dede.

Zoe shows up at the Rammer Jammer to seduce Wade and then proceeds to fall off of a stool and utterly confuse Wade. He is not picking up on the hints that she wants to do it. It's awkward. I suppose it's a credit to Rachel Bilson's skills as an actress that it's awkward to the point of wanting to change the channel. Zoe finally just breaks it down for him and they make a date to meet at his place at 11:30pm. As if he was ever going to say no to it. On the way out, Zoe runs into Polly looking disoriented and confused. Zoe tries to get her to calm down but she just clocks her across the cheek. Back at dinner in an effort to one up each other, Lemon and Lavon have him and Dede practically walking down the aisle which freaks her out to the point of running out of the restaurant. Dede is the only one with any common sense at this dinner. Lavon realizes what an idiot he is being and goes to run after her. Zoe arrives shortly thereafter to find Brick to bring him with her to find out what is wrong with Polly. Zoe's arrival creates even more pandemonium then before.  Zoe is the last straw for Lemon. She just loses her mind and starts screaming and yelling because nothing can seem to go right. This only confirms that she is high strung. 

Brick and Zoe find Polly passed out in her front yard. They wake her and get her into her car to take her to the practice when they smell exhaust fumes in her car. Exhaust fumes that have been in that car for weeks. She was going crazy because she was slowly getting carbon monoxide posioning from her mother's car. Back at the office, Fiona shows up and is happy to hear that her sister is going to be okay. That doesn't stop them from fighting. 

Zoe and Wade and Lemon and Lavon have their own confrontations as both women head to their respective guys house. Lemon begs Lavon to have the sexual tension between them stop. That isn't what she said exactly but it's obviously what she meant. It's the kind of fight that two people very much in love has as she breaks down into tears and an equally distraught Lavon begs her to let him go.  She runs out and he runs after her. Zoe shows up at Wade's and they just look at each other. They look at each other with some hardcore lust. Lavon catches up with Lemon as thunder cracks. We begin to alternate between the two couples as Zoe and Wade gaze at each other with a trepidation and a newness as opposed to Lavon and Lemon who have a history. Lavon grabs Lemon's face and moves in for a kiss and as Zoe and Wade do the same it starts to rain and they are all brought back to reality. Lemon walks away from Lavon and Zoe realizes that she is not that kind of girl. After she leaves, Wade smiles. Awww....he likes her. 

This week's Hart of Dixie was chock full of sexual tension on every front. This week may have pushed me over the edge into team Zoe and Wade, but I'm also keen on the idea of team Brian and Wade. Oh wait...that can't happen. A boy can dream. 

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