Thursday, October 27, 2011

RESULTS: Indie Soap of the Week Poll (October 16-22, 2011); THE CAVANAUGHS No. 1

Here are the results from the WE LOVE SOAPS TV "Indie Soap of the Week" poll for the week of October 16-22, 2011. THE CAVANAUGHS remained in the top spot for the third week in a row. OUR WORLD moved up to second, while SECRETS returned in third place.

If you're a fan of any of these shows, we encourage you to check out some of the other series you may not have watched yet. Indie soaps that aired one or more episodes last week were eligible.

Watch last week's indie soaps below:
- THE CAVANAUGHS Season 3 Episode 3 "I Remember"
- HUSBANDS Episodes 11 "Winky Face"
- LONELINESS Episode 6 "Learning Being Wise"
- MODEL BALL Episode 15 "Lady Jocks Play with Models"
- OUR WORLD Episodes 11-15
- SECRETS Episode 26
- SIX OF ONE Episodes 10
- THURSTON Episodes 1
- VAMPIRE MOB Season 2 Episode 6
- THE WOOD Episode 1

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