Thursday, September 15, 2011

JaSam Wedding Fortune Cookies + Kelly Monaco and Steve Burton Interview

GENERAL HOSPITAL's Jason and Sam begin their journey down the aisle to wedded bliss at a Chinese restaurant. We Love Soaps has been enjoying our JaSam wedding fortune cookies that's for sure (Thanks, ABC!). Actors Steve Burton and Kelly Monaco appeared on SACRAMENTO & CO to talk about the wedding.

"It's been a long journey for Jason and Sam," said Burton. "When they first got together, it wasn't really supposed to be that they got together. He was kind of helping her out with her pregnancy. After that whole time they fell in love."

"He was kind and gentle and sweet like no man had ever been to Sam," Monaco added.

"They overcame some things in their lives and got back together," Burton continued. "It's a cool for us on the show with daytime where it is nowadays. It's great the show is taking some steps forward and our characters can commit to each other. It's a great wedding--a lot of tradition, with non-traditional, with a lot of twists and turns."

"A lot of invited and some uninvited guests," Monaco teased.

Watch the entire interview below.

Are you excited about the wedding? Stoked about Franco's return? Still hoping for a Jason and Elizabeth reunion someday? Let us know what you think?


  1. Love Jason and Sam! This really has been a long time coming. Though scared cause you know what happens when couples get domesticated on soaps. But they've proved that they can overcome anything. So, I'm excited for it all. :)

  2. Jason & Sam all the way from the very first moment they glanced at each other in Jake's. No one else can come close to their spark. They have survived & grown from breakups and even near death but their love has continued to grow stronger. No other couple has the chemistry created by Jason and Sam. They are my all time favorite couple on TV.

  3. It's about time. I've waited so many years for this. They have been to hell and back and no couple deserves it more. Jason is FINALLY going to marry his true soulmate YAY!!

  4. Jason and Sam are what soaps have always been about to me...a real Unconditional Love Story that overcomes everything, and triumphs! Real Love does exist, and even soaps have to portray that at least once in a generation! Jason and Sam are this generation's Real Love Story. Whatever comes at them, their Love will get them through!
    JaSam Forever! Thanks, ABC!

  5. I'm so happy for Jason and Sam. They truly have been thru a lot. Things that could have torn them apart. But Jason and Sam have forgiven each other because that is what TRUE love is about. Forgiveness and honesty and trust. Things that Jason and Sam certainly have. They worked on their relationship and now they are getting married. Thank you GH and Thank you Garin Wolfe for the greatest love story being told.

  6. I am so excited that my favorite couple is finally getting married. It has been a long time coming. I knew the first moment they were in the same scene these two would become a supercouple. There is no other soap couple like these two and there never will be. Congratulations ABC for getting this one right! Jasam fan forever!

  7. Love them or hate they, the chemistry is off the charts. The couple is unconvential and they are the couple of today.Jason is handsome and strong and Sam is petite and very pretty.They have been together for a long time and I think they know each other really well.I really never got into GH until Sam come on and than I liked her with Jason, and I have been watching since.