Friday, September 23, 2011

LAWSUIT: Victor Alfieri Says Obsessed Fan Was Relentless, Drove His Mother To The Hospital!

Actor Victor Alfieri, who starred in ALL MY CHILDREN, DAYS OF OUR LIVES and THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, says a sexually obsessed fan who invested in his movies pursued him across two continents, then stole his company's accounting records and a hard drive with film footage and editing equipment when he refused to have sex with her.

Alfieri says the woman's pursuit was so relentless it drove his mother into a hospital.

Alfieri and Bondolini Productions sued Adriana Trevino in Superior Court, alleging breach of contract, libel and slander according to the Courtroom News Service.

Alfieri says he wrote two screenplays in 2010, "Arturo Bond," a comedy, and "Looking for Clara," a thriller. He was "in the process of producing 'Bond'" in early 2010.

According to the complaint: "Trevino was a fan of Alfieri. Initially Trevino contacted Alfieri in approximately mid-2009 through Alfieri's page on the Tagged social website. About that time, Alfieri met Trevino in person and gave her his signature. Alfieri initially exchanged a few messages with Trevino, but even after he stopped responding, Trevino persistently sent him messages on Skype. From September of 2009 through May of 2010, Trevino sent Alfieri from two to three messages per month, asking personal questions, referring to him as 'darling' and sending him 'kisses.' Alfieri did not read the messages or respond to them."
In May 2010, Alfieri says, Trevino contacted him again, via Tagged, and "asked that she be allowed to read the 'Bond' screenplay. Seeing an opportunity to involve herself in Alfieri's life, Trevino immediately indicated that she wanted to invest in the production."

Alfieri says he met Trevino again in person in June 2010. He incorporated Bondolini as his loan-out company in July, to produce "Arturo Bond." Alfieri is the only member of Bondolini.

According to the complaint Trevino claims to have invested $154,300 in the project.
The complaint states: "In becoming involved in the production of Bond, Trevino made every effort to maximize the level of personal contact between herself and Alfieri. Thus, in addition to wanting to invest in the production, Trevino offered to edit the 'Arturo Bond' screenplay and be Alfieri's personal assistant. Trevino also insisted on acting as the bookkeeper for Bondolini. At Trevino's insistence, Alfieri gave Trevino access to the Bondolini account into which Trevino's investment funds were deposited. From June of 2010, Alfieri also gave Trevino access to his telephone, his computer and his email account. However, the volume of increasingly flirtatious messages and telephone calls also grew, prompting Alfieri to remind Trevino that although they were friends, their relationship was primarily a business relationship."

In March this year, Alfieri says, he "shifted the project to the production of 'Clara; rather than 'Bond.'" Trevino invested in that project too.

Alfieri says that the Production Finance Agreement for "Clara" "specifically excludes Trevino (referred to in the Agreement as 'Executive Producer') from ownership of the film." (Parentheses in complaint.)

"Unfortunately," Alfieri says, "after entering into the agreement, Trevino once again began to work her was into every aspect of the production despite the fact that she had no experience in the motion picture industry."
He says she "began involving herself in the purchase of wardrobe, the purchase of editing equipment ... and other matters, which resulted in the budget being exceeded."

Then, Alfieri says, Trevino flew to Italy, where the movie was being filmed, "insisting that as 'Executive Producer,' she was also entitled to room and board and the use of a chauffeur who was to be paid for from revenues from the film.
"Once on set, Trevino resumed her attempts to become physically involved with Alfieri, hugging him and rubbing his back even in the presence of Alfieri's mother. Once again, Alfieri had to ask Trevino to curtail her flirtatious behavior. At that point, it became apparent to Alfieri that Trevino was intent on having a sexual relationship with him," according to the complaint.

Before he returned from Italy, Alfieri says, Trevino informed him by email "that she had invested a total of 'about $154,300,' and that 'about $20,00' was left in the account to cover post-production."

Alfieri says Trevino's advances became more intense after he returned from Italy.
"Once Alfieri returned from Italy, Trevino was relentless in her attempts to see him, insisting that they meet for various reasons, including obtaining records in order to do the bookkeeping. However, she also made it clear in her email messages that she was in love with him and wanted a 'personal' relationship rather than just a professional relationship."

He says that to "force" him to meet her, she "made a less-than-veiled threat to pull the remaining funds out of Bondolini's account, leaving Bondolini with insufficient funds for post-production."

Alfieri says that after he complained to her about her "romantic advances," she sent him an email, on June 17 this year, in which she admitted her "romantic feelings toward you," but added: "Those feelings I had are just a memory in the past. I fell in love with a man who showed me kindness, trust and appreciation. That man is gone, so are my feelings. So you don't have to worry about this anymore."

But Alfieri says he did have to worry about it. He says that because he did not want to see her in private, he agreed to meet her at a coffee shop, where he provided her "with all of the receipts and other bookkeeping records" for "Clara." After that meeting, he says, "Trevino continued to pressure Alfieri to meet with her in person, even offering him a check for $3,000, if he would come and pick it up. He did not.

"At his manager's urging, Alfieri did, however, agree to meet Trevino for lunch on her birthday on July 21, 2011. After they had finished their lunch and were standing in the restaurant parking lot, Trevino grabbed hold of Alfieri and tried to kiss him. Without letting him go, she asked him to have sex with her, stating that they both needed to 'release some stress.' When he refused, she asked that he at least email her a picture of his 'c--k' which she could masturbate to. Alfieri was embarrassed by the scene they were making in public, and so to put and end to it, agreed to send her a picture. Later that evening Trevino texted him demanding the photograph. In response Alfieri emailed her a link to a photograph of a dildo for sale on Hustler's website. Trevino's email response was that she would rather have Alfieri's 'live' organ." according to the complaint.

Alfieri says he refused to meet with Trevino alone again, and that "her interest in 'bookkeeping' vanished" when he told her he would meet her only in the presence of his attorney.

The complaint adds: "Apparently, finally realizing that her fantasy of a sexual relationship with Alfieri would never be realized, Trevino became overtly hostile to Alfieri and to his conduct of the production. Asserting that Alfieri had misled her regarding her true powers as 'Executive Producer,' on August 3, 2011, Trevino announced in an email message to Alfieri, his manager and his attorney that she was taking over the production and that, as executive producer, she would thenceforth have the final word. Apparently realizing that her obsession with Alfieri had become obvious to all around her, and hoping to appear as being the injured party, Trevino went on to send another email to Alfieri, his attorney and his manager, falsely stating that she had, in fact, had a sexual relationship with Alfieri for more than a year.

Realizing that Trevino's obsession with him had reached a crescendo and that she was now out to wreck both his reputation and the production of 'Clara,' Alfieri removed Trevino's access to Bondolini's remaining funds by transferring those funds to a Bondolini account to which Trevino had no access.

"Since that time, Trevino has falsely represented to everyone connected with the production that Alfieri stole money from her. Alfieri has also repeated to others the misrepresentation that she had engaged in a sexual relationship with Alfieri. Trevino has made these misrepresentations to others both orally and in writing."
Alfieri claims Trevino went so far as to write a message to his mother, to have it translated into Italian, and to send it to his mother on Aug. 4, "wherein she repeated her misrepresentation that she had a sexual relationship with Alfieri, repeated her misrepresentation that Alfieri had stolen her money and indicated that she was reporting him to the police."

Alfieri says that when his mother received that email, and "could not thereafter reach Alfieri by telephone, as a result of her panic, she suffered a physical condition which required her hospitalization."

He says that "Since August 3, 2011, Trevino has continued to assert control over and maintain possession of the financial books, record contracts and other paperwork of Bondolini ... and has asserted control over the film and the hard drive."

He says he has repeatedly demanded that she return the stuff, and she refused.
Alfieri wants it all back. He sued for claim and delivery, breach of contract, libel and slander.

He is represented by Roger Muse, of Beverly Hills.


  1. Crazy fan stalker! I still don't understand why Alfieri let her into his life? Why didn't he block her from Skype or his other social networks?

  2. Was it Carolyn Hinsey?