Sunday, September 11, 2011

10th Anniversary of 9/11 Attacks: Soap Stars Remember On Twitter

From across America and around the world, Twitter posts are just one of the many ways soap personalities are marking the decade since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. In contemplating the many new ways we have to relate and interact as a community (Twitter, as well as Youtube and Facebook, did not exist in 2001), we discover how long it's really been. But for many of us, sometimes, it still feels like just yesterday.

@MattLanter (Matt Lanter):

@melissa_reeves (Melissa Reeves):
Courage is not having the strength to go on; it is going on when you don't have the strength." — Theodore Roosevelt Remembering 9/11

@michaelmuhney (Michael Muhney):
Prayers & thoughts for every citizen of this country, whose lives were forever changed 10 years ago today. #peace #love

@realcadymcclain (Cady McClain):
An incredible article about 9/11

@NancyLeeGrahn (Nancy Lee Grahn):
Please go to to learn about this wonderful project. Honoring the Heroes and their families of 9-11-01

@KyleLowder22 (Kyle Lowder):
May we all feel the deepest levels of sympathy, gratitude and pride in our nation, and for our freedom that is fought for today.

@druidDUDE (Kevin McHale):
there's an incredible quiet in the city today. #neverforget

@TerrellTilford (Terrell Tilford):
9/11 ... I was there. I pray for our fallen heroes, our families & our country. And especially our children. May we con't to heal & rebuild.

@goconstance (Constance Marie):
Heavy day today. Words can't express what people are feeling. I send love & prayers to all who were touched on 9/11. #todayweareallamericans

@knowjr (J.R. Martinez):
10 years ago today we witnessed heroes come to the forefront. Firemen, policemen, courageous citizens, & our military! We did,we have&We can

@Ali_Sweeney (Alison Sweeney):
Honoring our fallen heroes on 9/11 & all the brave men & women who serve: our armed forces, police, fire fighers. Thank you. #iremember

@ChristinaBLind (Christina Lind):
i. love. new. york.

@TamaraBraun (Tamara Braun):
My #Yoga practice today is dedicated to the victims of the #9/11 attacks and their families. My heart is with you...

@JacquelineMWood (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood):
Today lets all take a moment out of our lives and remember all the brave fire fighters and people that died in the attack on 9/11/01

@greg_vaughan (Greg Vaughan):
9/11 tribute takes place at Austin, Texas Airport in Remembrance of our True Hero's! Flags held high & Horns blowing! Standing Ovation!

@joancollinsobe (Joan Collins):
My heart is breaking watching family & friends of 9/11 victims laying flowers @ memorial service

@1SteveBurton (Steve Burton):
Let us never forget. 9/11. In remembrance to all. God bless America.

@CliftonsNotes (Scott Clifton):
Ten years.... man. My thoughts are with those who are mourning today.

@Megan_Park (Megan Park):
10 years ago today... I will definitely never forget. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the 9/11 victims and their families.

@krisalderson (Kristen Alderson):
I love you NYC.God Bless the victims and families of #911

@crystalchappell (Crystal Chappell):
Never forget 9/11

@susandansby (Susan Dansby):
Thinking of the #FirstResponders, #Military men and women and their families this 9/11. Thank you for all you do to keep us safe.
4 hours ago

@lldubs (Laura Wright):
I will never forget

@MattyFnWalton (Matt Walton):
The attack on the World Trade Center was in fact an attack on the World, not just the U.S. or freedom. World trade was world peace in action

@alexandrachando (Alexandra Chando):
Remembering that morning...

@GregoryMichael (Gregory Michael):
Heart goes out to all the people that lost there life on 9-11 and all the families that lost a love one. RIP 9 / 11

@AMCStephanie (Stephanie Gatschet):
On 9/11/01 I was in lower Manhattan for my first day of class at NYU. I will always remember how nyc came together in the face of tragedy. My wish is that we can all remember that feeling of shared humanity... We live on together, we pray for peace, and we never forget.

@gregrikaart (Greg Rikaart): The tragic events of 9/11 are never far from my mind, but closer tonight as the anniv draws near. My thoughts are with the victims families.

@NazaninBoniadi(Nazanin Boniadi): In loving memory of all those we lost on 9/11. We have not forgotten.

You can also read a wonderful blog post from @tinasloan at the Huffington Post.

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