Thursday, September 22, 2011

NEWS ROUNDUP: Victor Alfieri Suing Fan for Libel? Annie Ilonzeh Loves "Action Stuff"

Soap Star Victor Alfieri Suing Fan for Libel?
According to, Victor Alfieri has a real life soap opera on his hands – he is suing fan and one-time business partner Adriana Trevino for slander, libel and breach of contract.

According to the legal documents, Trevino falsely accused Alfieri of stealing money and having a sexual relationship with her after he rejected her advances. She also improperly asserted control over the books and records relating to a film she helped finance.

The papers go on to state that Trevino contacted Alfieri through a website called Tagged, and invested in a screenplay he wrote to “involve herself in his life”.

She then made an attempt to involve herself in every aspect of production “despite her lack of any experience in the motion picture industry” and it was “apparent to Alfieri that she was intent on having a sexual relationship with him”.

Annie Ilonzeh on going from GENERAL HOSPITAL to CHARLIE'S ANGELS
"On a soap, you'll shoot two episodes a day and still not be there for eight hours. Here, we'll shoot six scenes over 16 hours, with explosions, fighting and bad guys. It's a completely different transition but I've always wanted to do physical and action stuff - it's in my blood."

GENERAL HOSPITAL's supervisor of hair and makeup, Donna Messina-Armogida, previews the Jason and Sam wedding
"She loves big hair all the time, every day. So even for Sam's natural look, we used big rollers," said Donna. "It worked with the casual nature of the wedding."
“The book also deals with the lost art of being a gentleman in today’s sometimes confusing social landscape,” Kanan explains. According to him, and surely many other men out there, balancing the roles of being a man is hard.

The end of All My Children has one fan sad
"In the mid-1970s, I visited the 'AMC' set on the upper West Side. Lucci greeted me warmly, wearing a robe, her hair in giant curlers. I later had lunch and an interview with her. I sat in the set of the Martins' living room and chatted with members of the cast."

Review: United We Stand ends with lighthearted soaps spoof
After a decade, Rob Kocur's United We Stand Theatre Troupe is coming full circle with the soap opera spoof "Melancholy Heights," Kocur's first play. A sendup of daytime TV, this production, directed by Craig Schneider, ends the troupe's run on a lighthearted note.

Simon Cowell’s brother is cashing in on X FACTOR
Maybe they’re the same person, like Todd on ONE LIFE TO LIVE.

EDITOR'S NOTE: We love random soap references.

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