CASTING RUMOR: Jennifer Aniston NOT Appearing On DAYS OF OUR LIVES

Reports were swirling earlier today that FRIENDS star Jennifer Aniston was going to make a guest appearance on DAYS OF OUR LIVES, the soap that has starred her father John Aniston (Victor) since the mid-1980s.

The rumors said DAYS has cast Jennifer as a wedding planner hired to marry off Victor (to Maggie), and she will take home scale, or $645 per day, for her day on the show.

The Express (UK) posted quotes from an anonymous source saying, said: "John is thrilled at the prospect of working alongside his daughter for the first time. He didn’t approach her, though. The show’s executive producers did because John didn’t want to put Jen under pressure.

“Now the only worry for them is exactly when she will be able to join the cast and how many episodes they can squeeze out of her. It’s a logistical nightmare. She is so in demand that her diary is almost always full.”

Aniston's rep denied the rumor to E! News this morning, saying there was no truth to the rumors. Calls to WE LOVE SOAPS TV have not yet been returned.

True or not, it has been great publicity for DAYS OF OUR LIVES today!

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  1. This would have been a nice gesture. I could see her wanting to work with father on a project.