Sunday, August 21, 2011

THE GLEE PROJECT: And The Winner Is...

On Sunday night's season finale of THE GLEE PROJECT, the four remaining contenders--Damian McGinty, Samuel Larsen, Alex Newell and Lindsay Pearce--were given a final chance to prove themselves to Ryan Murphy as they performed their most exhilarating group number yet, Pink’s “Raise Your Glass.” First they were surprised during the homework performance of "Don't Stop Believin'" with the eight eliminated contestants returning (those eight also appeared in the video). The guest mentors and other contestants were in the audience as Damian, Lindsay, Alex and Samuel sang for the last time a song of their choice. The winner received a seven episode guest starring role on GLEE.

And the winner is...

Damian McGinty


Samuel Larsen

Congratulations, Damian and Sam! Two winners! Both will appear in seven-episode arcs next season. Lindsay and Alex were also awarded two-episode arcs as well. Everyone went home with something. It was a very GLEE ending.

What do you think of Ryan's decision? Weigh in below in our comments section.

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  1. I'm happy with the result, since I was never able to decide between the two. Samuel has a unique look, and brings something that no one on Glee or Glee Project has. He does have an animalistic, almost, feline, look about him.

    Damian is just, well, Damian, full of charm and a winning smile, and a classic old style singing style. I just hope Fox will pay for Hugh Laurie to give him some speech lessons; because, when he's talking, I can't understand a word he says!! And that comes from a guy who is 100% Irish.

  2. Well, I'm happy with the result as well. I don't see how anyone could choose just one of them as a "winnr". They are all winners in my book.
    As an aside to Tom, I don't have any trouble understanding Damian at all. I'm not Irish, but I think his accent is adorable, and I think it will bring a "New Dimension" to Glee.
    Congratulations to all the contenders.

  3. I'm a bit sad that they ALL didn't completely win... They all deserved it. I hope when they actually film, Tyan has gave Alex and Lindsay more then just a two-episode arc.

  4. I didn't get to see the finale (hubby skipped the DVR recording...BOO!) but I couldn't wait until Wed. to find out who won, so I came online to find out. Now I don't know if I even want to watch the finale. They all get to be on Glee? What a cop out!!!

    Unless I misunderstood the premise, the whole point of the show was to choose a winner to be in a seven-episode arc. A winner, singular. Come on! Even tiny tots loose out to someone for a 10-second commercial, these young men and women knew what they were getting in to! I'm completely disappointed in Ryan Murphy and whoever was a part of this decision.

    This is exactly why I avoid 'reality shows'. I only watched this one because it was connected to Glee.

  5. This has been such a fabulous show. I have enjoyed watching such talent! Looking forward to seeing then all on GLEE!

    God Bless you ALL!

  6. I expected Damian to win, and I think he deserved it. But I thought Lindsay gave the best performance tonight.

  7. How smart of Ryan and Ian. Such a pool of talent. It was such a wise decision to choose multiple winners. I was so rooting for Damian but agreed with the comment there is no one on television like Samuel. As the shows needs arise expect to see more of the contestants join the cast. Heck these guys could be the new freshman class. Would really like to see Hannah get a shot .. such personality. Congrats to all... great job. I'll be watching/

  8. DAMIANDAMIANDAMIANDAMIAN!!! Im in love with him, when they said samuel one my heart stopped i got so upset and felt damians dissapoitiment, even when he thought he was goin home with nothing he was still so supportive of samuel! when ryan said he had also won the glee project i screamed so loud!!!! my heart started racing i started shaking and couldnt be happier. his reaction was PRICELESS i LOVE this guy so much, he is uh whats the word?......PERFECT<3333333333

  9. I had said from the time that Ryan Murfy eliminated McKindley that i would write him a strongly worded letter, then eliminated MARISSA ( WHICH WAS SUPPOSE TO WIN)< Im still mad about that one! When I was watching the seaosn finale, and they said sam was the winner, I was more than convinced that ryan m. wanted me to put him on my list of people to kill before I die! Then he said that daminan also won and i felt a little better. Then LINDSAY ( WHICH OUT OF THE FINALE 4, WAS SUPPOSE TO WIN) and alex get a two part role, I took him off my people to kill list! BUT, IF HE SOME HOW MESSES UP GLEE, IM GOING TO KILL HIM RIGHT AFTER THE LAST SEASON AND EPISODE OF GLEE! ( I know where you live ryan murfy) .......jkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjk =) still mad about marissa's elimination!

  10. Bravo, Ryan!!
    I have a huge smile on my face and a happy heart that you are writing the 4 into Glee, making them all winners. The way you announced Sam, then Damian was priceless and hug worthy! Thank you!

    (I thought Lindsay could be written in as Rachel's half sister for maybe more than 2 episodes; daughter of a sister of one of her Dads, who has to come to live with Rachel, and turns her big blue eyes on Finn...and Puck...and Mike!)

    I thought Hannah and Marissa could come in as sisters with a twist: gorgeous Marissa being in secure about her looks, Hannah being bubbly and outgoing essentially herself, the youngest Math teacher in Ohio's history.

    Now, if only you'd fit in Cameron, too...? Pretty Please?

  11. I am dissapointed Samuel made it far .....

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  13. Lindsay should have gotten 7 episodes. She has that "it" factor and she has an amazing voice. She would have fit in perfectly on Glee...

  14. I'm so ecstatic that Samuel won! And Damian too! Amongst the top 4 they were my two favourites and they're also the two that I think can bring something new to Glee. We've got our foreign exchange student and our rocker now. They're also both gorgeous which doesn't hurt ;)