Thursday, August 4, 2011

James Franco on Soaps: They're dying for new concepts and new things

James Franco appeared on Jimmy Kimmel's show last night and talked about his ongoing role on GENERAL HOSPITAL.

On being "in very deep" with GH:
"I made friends there. I've been on three arcs, two large arcs and a couple of other things. I'm very friendly with them. It is an outlet that I love because it is so unique. On a movie, I can't show up on Oz and say, Sam Raimi, I've got an alternative storyline where I do some crazy things, murder some people, and make some art. It's a movie and it has a script. On a soap opera, they have to generate a show every day. They're dying for new concepts and new things. It's a great place to go and collaborate."

On his GH shooting schedule:
"I don't have the typical soap opera experience. Those actors work hard and go every day. When I go on, they just shoot all my stuff in one day. I shoot ten episodes worth of serial in a day."

On a GH-related movie:
"There's a movie that I've been on working on with this great editor, Ian Holds, based on this behind the scenes material that we're going to take to Sundance next year."

Watch his appearance on Kimmel's show below.

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