Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Earthquake in VA, Felt in NYC; Soap Stars React

An earthquake sent tremors from the nation’s capital to New York City and New England Tuesday afternoon, the result of what officials said was a 5.9 magnitude earthquake based in Virginia.

Here in New York City, buildings were evacuated in some cases. We felt the walls shaking at We Love Soaps headquarters. Soaps were pre-empted on local TV (of course). Soap stars immediately reacted o the quake on Twitter. Here's a sampling:

tinasloan (Tina Sloan): I felt it and the woman I was sitting with didnt ...but I had been in the bad LA earthquake so I knew what it was

@denisevasi (Denise Vasi): Kinda weird to live in California and have to call back home to NY to see if everyone is ok due to an earthquake. o_O

@rachel_melvin (Rachel Melvin): just heard about the earthquake. keeping everyone in my thoughts and prayers

@krisalderson (Kristen Alderson): Craziness. http://yfrog.com/h0l0zvoj I am CRACKING UP over the news! "people were running out of the buildings screaming"Can u tell ny has nvr been through this? #NYCearthquake

@britt_underwood (Brittany Underwood): So of course as soon as I move to the west coast, east coast decides it's gonna have an earthquake.... Boooo I feel so left out :-/

@ChristinaBLind (Christina Lind): this year, bklyn has felt a tornado & a quake. I have been living in '70 and sunny.' the weather is officially gay-friendly. #itsrainingminx

@Maxtapper (Max Tapper): Who felt that earthquake? What does this mean for the northeast?

@GregoryMichael (Gregory Michael): Just ordered some fries to go with that Earth shake.

@BethAnntastic (BethAnn Bonner): I'm pretty sure I was just on the 40th floor in a high rise during an #earthquake um...scary.

IT WAS AN EARTHQUAKE. holy s word.

@victoriarowell (Victoria Rowell): Martin Luther King's spirit entering into DC with a ROAR seems to me.


Did you feel the earthquake where you live?

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  1. I know why we had the earthquake! Mother Nature just found out about ABC's cancellation of AMC & OLTL! As we all know, it's not nice to upset Mother Nature!