Friday, July 29, 2011

Thursday's ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Pure Entertainment

ONE LIFE TO LIVE has been on fire in recent months. The show has finished in the spot of our "Daytime Soap of the Week" poll for 15 straight weeks so fans seem to agree. Thursday's episode, the red carpet  and premiere for "Vicker Man: The David Vickers Buchanan Story," was a joy to watch. This is what daytime television has the ability to do - help us escape for an hour, make us anticipate what's going to happen next, and get us to care about the characters we are watching.

And the cast was perfect conveying the right emotions from both the comedic and dramatic angles of every situation. Robin Strasser played Dorian for all she was worth when Ionia showed up wearing the same dress (Dorian wore it best by the way!). As Ionia was being tossed out she threatened to call SAG and AFTRA. Strasser ad-libbed, "Call 'em. A lot of good that'll do." Hilarious! And it aired the same week we reported AFTRA meeting with ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE actors about their move to the web. Once Dorian disposed of the actress who played her in the movie, she continued to soak up the attention.

One of my favorite parts was the inside joke about Blair (Kassie DePaiva) being played by an Asian actress in the movie. Blair was asked about the "controversial" casting on the red carpet and replied, "I guess that's the magic of Hollywood, right?" As the credits rolled at the beginning of the movie, we learned Mia Korf (the original Asian Blair) was playing the role. What a wonderful way to poke fun at the show's history. The credits also included Harrison Ford as Bo Buchanan and Mel Gibson as Clint Buchanan. Love it!

In other stories, Todd (Roger Howarth) decided to go to the premiere, Rex (John-Paul Lavoisier) had a gun, Vimal continued to deceive his parents (thanks to Rama), and Markko (the returned Jason Tam) proudly revealed to Ford he was reunited with Langston. And that wasn't all.

The show ended on a dramatic note as the movie shut off and Nate's "Hold the Diploma" porn flick started playing to everyone's horror (especially Nate's). It left you on the edge of your seat wanting to know what would happen on Friday. Great job to the cast and the writers and everyone involved.

You can watch Thursday's episode of OLTL at

Did you enjoy Thursday's ONE LIFE as much as I did?


  1. This was an Emmy episode if I've ever saw one.

  2. It was totally amazing, The only parts I didn't like was the ones with Rama, Vimal and his parents. Other then that, It was really awesome.

  3. That episode was just soapy goodness on all fronts! I don't always enjoy some to daily episodes when all hair models eat up the screen time. Yesterday's was a big splashy event what soaps of last few years haven't done because of budget but it shows the media when they do what soaps do best you see glimmer of "how" soaps can be mesmerizing show.

  4. One of the best I have seen in a long time!! LOVED the acting, writing, and the numerous inside jokes. A perfect example of what daytime can still offer - multiple compelling stories.

  5. I'm so glad you wrote this column because I couldn't agree more.

    As I watched Thursday's show, I was thinking, "Wow .. this is as good as soaps get." The inside jokes .. the heightened melodrama. A big bravo to everyone at OLTL !

  6. Pure effin' GOLD!!!

    There is no doubt that OLTL is the best soap on American daytime TV! Yes, Y&R has better acting on the whole but OLTL's writing is just more balanced and nuanced in its ability to tell integrated stories that feature the whole community. Plus, OLTL juggles drama, romance, tragedy, and humor unlike anything else on TV.

    Additionally, when I think of great actors, I must applaud Trevor St. John. The man is nimble. He can be both seductive, sarcastic and threatening seconds as he was recently when his Todd was confessing to Vimal.