Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Debbi Morgan Comments on Y&R Role: NOT Playing Drucilla

Debbi Morgan took to her official website to post a note to fans including her confirmation about jumping ship from ALL MY CHILDREN to THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS.  Read an excerpt below:

I’m very excited about joining Y& R, and alreadyhave relationships with a few of the actors over there. And after playing Dr.Angela Hubbard on and off for over twenty-five plus years, I’m ready to step into a new pair of shoes.

As we get closer to my joining the show, which won’t be until September, I will fill you in on who and what my new character is. But for those who have speculated about the possibility of my taking over the role of the ex- “Drucilla Winters”, played by the wonderfully talented Victoria Rowell, I can tell you absolutely not!… No way…No how! Ms. Rowell has put her stamp on the role of Drucilla, and I know her fans would be outraged to see me or any other actress come in and try to take her place. I wouldn’t even attempt to go there. As far as I’m concerned Victoria Rowell is simply irreplaceable as “Drucilla”.

But I am terribly excited about the role I will be playing and can only hope that my devoted fans who have followed my career as “Angie” all these years, as well as many of the other roles I’ve played outside of daytime, will take this new journey along with me!
Are you sad to see Angie leave AMC? Excited about her new Y&R role? Both? Other? Weigh in below in our Comments section.


  1. As a career move, I can see this makes sense for Debbi. I'm sad she won't continue as Angie on AMC and what that may mean for Darnell Williams as Jesse.

  2. very sad, it spraling downward and that has me scared

  3. I love Debbi Morgan as an actress and hope for her success on Y&R, but I wish she would stay on AMC.

  4. No one can take the place of Drucilla...I think that Debbie Morgan should play the role of Devon's mom who is coming back to try to be back in his life since he was adopted by the Winters....