Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ferry Doedens Discusses Storyline During Theme-Night About Homosexuality

The Dutch public broadcasters VARA and KRO are organizing a theme-night about homosexuality on August 4. One of the guests that night will be GOEDE TIJDEN SLECHTE TIJDEN actor Ferry Doedens. He plays gay character Lucas Sanders on GTST. This season his character found love with Edwin Bouwhuis (played by Raynor Arkenbout). After their first love scene there was a lot of commotion on social media like Twitter. According to the COC, the largest Dutch gay rights organization (and one of the oldest in the world), GTST is providing an important contribution to the equality of Dutch LGBT's by respectfully and carefully treating the subject. Doedens will talk about this to hosts Claudia de Breij and Arie Boomsma.

Doedens will also talk about a gay woman who's being bullied out of her neighborhood in Amsterdam.

Other guests on FLIKKER OP! are: brain researcher Dick Swaab, geneticist Sven Bocklandt, director Tim Oliehoek, journalist Margriet van der Linden and writer Arthur Japin.

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