Friday, July 15, 2011

OPINION: Primetime Emmys Get Some Right, Snub Others + Vote For Your Faves

When the Primetime Emmy nominations were revealed on Thursday, there was a mixed bag of reactions from pleasantly surprised to totally ticked off (what else is new?).

As a huge fan of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, I rejoiced to see the show finally make the Drama Series list for the first time ever. Stars Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton also were nominated again this year. This is bittersweet since FNL is signing off tonight on NBC for the final time after five brilliant seasons (more on that later).

Other wonderful surprises included Betty White's nomination for HOT IN CLEVELAND (not sure it was deserved but the Daytime Emmy process robbed her last year), and the entire adult cast of MODERN FAMILY made the cut. Since I'm one of the few who actually loved The Kennedys mini-series, I was happy to see multiple actors recognized for their work including Greg Kinnear and Barry Pepper.

On the former soap star front, Jane Krakowski (SEARCH FOR TOMORROW) was nominated again for 30 ROCK (Can she please win this time?  She's lost three times for the role and twice for SEARCH) along with her co-star Alec Baldwin (THE DOCTORS) was nommed along with Tina Fey. Michelle Forbes (GUIDING LIGHT) was recognized for her work on THE KILLING.

It certainly seems like it might be MODERN FAMILY's year in the Comdey category but I felt PARKS AND RECREATION had the strongest season. Of course, GLEE is a sentimental favorite.

It's always nice to see new blood like GAME OF THRONES get recognized.

With all the hype surrounding TRUE BLOOD and THE WALKING DEAD I was sure one of those shows would take the spot occupied by FNL.

Although Emmy host Jane Lynch is nominated for GLEE along with Chris Colfer, it's too bad none of the other actors made the cut.

Kyra Sedgwich is always brilliant and it's hard to believe she was overlooked for her work on THE CLOSER.

SONS OF ANARCHY did not receive any nominations but after creator Karl Sutter's Twitter rant, I'm sort of glad.

THE BORGIAS and JUSTIFIED could also make a case for the crowded Drama Series category.  And what about BOARDWALK EMPIRE?  Could someone support a New York show before we end up with none?

What nominations were you happiest with and who do thing were the glaring omissions?

Vote in our poll below for Drama and Comedy Series (voting will end on August 31, 2011).


  1. One actress who got overlooked was Private Practice's KaDee Strickland. She's never been nominated before and while Private Practice isn't Emmy material, the rape storyline this season and her acting was phenomenal. Her talent really showed, along with her versatility as an actress, showcasing the aftermath and the effects of rape. It's really unfortunate that she got overlooked.

  2. Good point about Private Practice. With all the TV shows on in primetime, we can dismiss most of them right off the bat. I love the ABC Family shows but I doubt they would ever get considered. Heck, it took FNL five years to get nominated.

  3. I would have loved to have seen her name on that list, but I'm not surprised. In the long run, though, the way I see it. Strickland's bigger reward from last season was all the work she does for RAINN now and the awareness the story itself brought. Yes, it's nice to have the words, "Emmy nominated actress" preceding your name, but at the end of the day, it's just words. I'm grateful the show is still on the air and actors still have jobs. Awards are just icing on the cake.

  4. For me, the biggest snub was Khandi Alexander from TREME. She gave an incredibly emotional performance, especially in the season 2 finale. I guess not enough people watch the show to recognize it.